The reality of 2020: a global pandemic makes it unsafe to go outside – and when we do, we walk around staring at our handheld computers. At the same time, life expectancy is higher than ever and there’s a medical clinic every other block. Add it all up and you get skyrocketing patient expectations and a fiercely competitive marketplace. Yet when your patients walk through your doors, you’re still handing them a clipboard and paperwork? Did we not mention it’s 2020?

In this webinar with healthcare and technology experts from Becker’s Hospital Review and HCL-PowerObjects, you’ll learn how you can leverage Microsoft technology to create fruitful, lifelong, relationships with your patients by communicating with them when and where they wish to be contacted, efficiently and optimally scheduling their necessary services, and meticulously managing your resources and schedules – in real-time – to transform your patient experience.