Webinars on Demand

We record all of our webinars so they can be watched on demand at any time.
Data Monetization and Transformative Insights with Microsoft Power BI Analytics
23  mins
How can you move your business forward by using analytics and data? Join our experts and gain transformative insights into Business Intelligence (BI) and the capabilities of Microsoft Power BI to make powerful data-driven decisions.
Build consistency in selling and delivering unique projects to your customers
56  mins
Project pain to project gain! Organisations involved with projects – in anything from construction to business consultancy – share a set of challenges that nearly always includes ensuring proper visibility and transparency throughout the project lifecycle.
How to Extend your SAP and Innovate with Microsoft Power Platform
57  mins
Join Power Platform experts from HCL-PowerObjects and Microsoft as they explore the way Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents bring agility and flexibility to your SAP environments.
Streamline, Digitize, and Improve your ERP Business Processes with Microsoft Power Automate
58  mins
Manual, mundane tasks in an organization take unnecessary time and can cost money and increase errors. Hear from Power Platform experts from HCL-PowerObjects and Microsoft on how Microsoft Power Automate can reduce human errors, lower costs, and increase satisfaction for team members so they can focus on strategy, innovation, and higher-value projects.
Local Governments – Creating Harmony between Customer and Council
45  mins
HCL-PowerObjects and Microsoft discuss the new Customer 360 Application – helping Councils achieve more with less.
Power Platform and Governance within Healthcare
60  mins
Our experts explore Microsoft Power Platform adoption and governance through a Health and Life Sciences (HLS) lens.
3 Reasons Why Microsoft Power Platform Should be the Centerpiece of Your App Rationalization Initiative
60  mins
Join our experts from Microsoft and HCL-PowerObjects as they share the top 3 reasons Microsoft Power Platform should be the centerpiece of your app rationalization initiative and how Dataverse is the engine behind Power Platform for scalability, security, and data integration.
How Microsoft Power Platform is helping to modernize and enable competitive advantage in Financial Services
60  mins
Join our experts to discover the benefits the Microsoft Power Platform can offer in the new era of agile, low-cost, low-code application modernization in the Financial Services Industry.
Empower your App Makers to leverage your Power Platform Investment
59  mins
Microsoft’s Power Platform is an intuitive set of tools designed to deliver quick-win, low-code business applications. During a discussion led by Power Platform experts from HCL-PowerObjects, you will learn how organizations can empower employees to drive creation of solutions within a governance structure that balances business productivity with risk management and security. We will explore: […]
App Modernization with Power Platform
40  mins
In this webinar-on-demand, listen to HCL-PowerObjects and Microsoft experts discuss the importance of app modernization and how this approach can allow your business to operate in a more cost-effective and forward-thinking level. An overview of Power Platform and the importance of governance and security will also be shared.
The Power of Partnerships: Amigos Library Services and PowerSuccess
35  mins
Learn how Amigos Library Services, a staff of 23, partnered with HCL-PowerObjects and used PowerSuccess, a service-as-a-subscription program, to modernize how they do business. Perfect first-hand account, and lessons learned, on how a small organization migrated successfully from on premises Microsoft D365 to the online version.
COVID-19 Recovery through an Industry Lens – A Plan for Insurance Carriers
60  mins
Please join insurance and technology experts for a roundtable discussion centered around key industry issues and the blueprints for addressing them head on.
Lowering TCO and Embracing Low Code No Code with Microsoft’s Power Platform
58  mins
HCL-PowerObjects and external experts sit down in a thorough exploration of the fundamentals of Power Platform, and it’s capabilities to achieve more with less and lower any organization’s TCO.
Connecting the Dots in Connected Field Service
20  mins
Learn the answers to the most common questions related to a connected field service solution, from technician mobility basics to powerful technology like AI and bots, as well as mixed reality devices.
Harnessing the True Potential of Power Platform and How to Build a Centre of Excellence
60  mins
In this webinar-on-demand, listen to our HCL-PowerObjects and Microsoft presenters discuss how Microsoft Power Platform offers a low-code, no-code platform, and how we can help customers create operational Centres of Excellence (CoE) and internal communities of Citizen Developers.
Digital Transformation for Local Government: Now or Never
65  mins
Two years after the Local Digital Declaration was established, how has the pandemic accelerated progress?