Migration from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365

PowerObjects can help optimize your ERP migration journey

Whether or not you’re ready to move right now, PowerObjects understands that you probably have questions and concerns – and we’re here to help. We also know the benefits you’re currently missing out on and will lead you down an optimized migration path that saves you time and money.

Benefits of upgrading to Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Cloud

For starters, this is the last upgrade you will ever have to do, thus preparing you for future growth. Once you’re running Dynamics 365, automated updates mean that you’ll have the latest and greatest version at all times, never missing out on new features.

Simply put, migrating your current Dynamics AX implementation to Dynamics 365 will allow you to modernize the way you do business:

Quick Decisions

Make intelligent business decisions quicker


Focus on innovations and faster ROI

Flexible Access

Work from anywhere on any device

PowerObjects is the perfect migration partner

PowerObjects has a global team of experts with years of Dynamics AX, Dynamics 365, and industry experience that will assess and evaluate your current business processes and future business needs to develop an upgrade plan that leverages the latest technologies and best practices for a smooth transition.

When you engage with PowerObjects, we will help you:

Understand how to take advantage of the new features and technologies of the full platform to optimize and transform your operations.
Develop an Upgrade Roadmap based off of interactive workshops designed to asses all of your current processes and technologies.

Ready to get started now? We are too!

If you have an idea for a Power App that would benefit your organization, we want to hear about it! Our team is actively working with organizations to bring mobility and ease to their daily processes.

We also provide training and learning tools to help you discover the full capabilities of Power Apps.