Solution Spotlight: Watch Renodis Story

Solution Spotlight: Watch Renodis Story

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Hi. My name is Liam Glover, and I'm a PowerSuccess engineer. Today Solution Spotlight is going to focus on Renodis, they're a telecommunications service provider based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. Renodis found a solution using PowerSurvey Plus, a power backed by power objects. Renodis needed a process to more quickly and efficiently solicit approval for their customers' invoices. This solution utilizes Microsoft Dynamic CRM workflow engine, along with PowerSurvey Plus, to quickly generate an email that includes a link to a survey, also generated within CRM, and then capture the response and write that right back into the invoice record.

A Renodis employee will access an invoice record in CRM and trigger the PowerSurvey Plus invoice approval workflow which will automatically generate and send an email including the PowerSurvey Plus link to the customer identified on that invoice record. The customer will be able to access the survey on their mobile device or on their computer and will be able to provide a response of yes or no. If the customer selects no, the process will then request a reason for selecting no. Once the response is submitted, the data travels through Azure back into CRM where [some it 00:01:12] analyzed by a couple of additional workflows and the data is captured and written into the CRM invoice record.

The invoice approval process powered by PowerSurvey Plus saves Renodis time and money in gathering the approval responses from their customers. Another benefit of this process is that we capture the date and time that the invoice approval is received. This way, we can very quickly go back and view this data. Head over to PowerObjects website to check out PowerSurvey Plus and the other Power [effects 00:01:42] that offer really great solutions that you can implement very quickly in your own CRM. Thanks for checking out the Solution Spotlight.

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