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CRM Administrators – Have You Checked Out The CRM Book Lately?

Post Author: Joe D365 |

Do you want to brush up on best practices and topics that affect CRM administrators and pro-users of Dynamics 365? If so, head over to The CRM Book to explore the following topics:

Business Administration
Everyone wants to rest easy, knowing that their CRM data is safe and secure. Learn how to make your platform more secure by creating business units, users, and teams with specific security roles.

It's a new year. Start it off by making sure your organization is running with maximum efficiency by implementing processes such as workflows and dialogs. This will help automate your business processes and make your CRM system for Dynamics 365 run smoothly.

Advanced Reporting Options
Do you ever wish there were more creative ways to showcase and articulate your CRM data? With CRM for Dynamics 365, you can. Learn about the several advanced reporting options for online and on-premise solutions.

Mobile Options
Do you use CWR Mobility, Mobile Express, Power8CRM, and CRM for the iPad? Learn about these different clients for mobile to get mobile savvy!

Integrated Technologies
To enhance and supplement your current CRM processes and get your organization even more synchronized, see how Dynamics 365 fits in with other Microsoft technologies such as Yammer, Skype, and Lync.

Office 365
As we all know, cloud-based solutions are the future. To get on top of this growing opportunity, learn how cloud-based Microsoft Office products integrate seamlessly with Dynamics 365.

SharePoint Document Management
Do you want to have a more streamlined and integrated document file system . Learn how with SharePoint.

Outlook App and Add-In Installation and Settings
Get all of your messages on-the-go by syncing your Dynamics 365 and Outlook. We will walk you through the set up and give you some best practice tips.

Server Installation
This chapter covers everything from infrastructure planning to authentication models for CRM for Dynamics 365 server installation.

Updates and Rollups
Is there a difference between update rollups and service updates? The answer is yes and we are here to tell you all about it!

Data Migration and Integration
Data migration and integration can be stressful. We've all been there. The good news is that with Dynamics 365, things just got a little bit easier.

To get more educational content, check out our entire CRM Book here. And don't forget to tune in for our upcoming webinar series on CRM for Dynamics 365 – starting this Thursday, January 5th!

Happy CRM'ing!

By Joe D365
Joe D365 is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 superhero who runs on pure Dynamics adrenaline. As the face of PowerObjects, Joe D365’s mission is to reveal innovative ways to use Dynamics 365 and bring the application to more businesses and organizations around the world.

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