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Connect to Dynamics 365 Data from PowerBI Desktop
Power BI

How to Connect to Dynamics 365 Data from PowerBI Desktop

PowerBI is a great tool for reporting on and analyzing data, from a wide range of sources, including Dynamics 365. To set this up, you must connect to Dynamics 365 as a PowerBI data source, so PowerBI can load your CRM data. In this blog, we will review the two versions of PowerBI and then […]

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Play Nice with Dynamics CRM

The CRM Minute: Getting Sales and Marketing to Play Nice with Dynamics CRM [VIDEO]

In some organizations, there is a "sibling rivalry" between sales and marketing teams. In most cases, this stems from a lack of transparency between teams and their objectives. So what do you do? One solution is to use Dynamics CRM and marketing automation to gather and report data about individual marketing campaigns, lead funnel, and more! […]

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Integrating Sales and Financials in Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365 Marketing

Connect Your CRM Online Data to PowerBI for Powerful Analysis

Congrats! You've put the time, effort, and money into implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and are already seeing the benefits the cloud software provides to your organization. Processes are documented and enforced better and best practices are in place, thereby helping to increase win-rates and decrease on-boarding time for new staff. And thanks to the […]

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Tips and Tricks

Analyze that Data with Microsoft Power Query for Excel

Microsoft Power Query for Excel is not only one the most effective ways to view and analyze data from Dynamics CRM, but it is also a flexible and easy solution to turn Excel spreadsheets into exciting Business Intelligence (BI) tools for Dynamics CRM. In today's blog, we'll be showing you how to use this cool […]

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