The Insurance Industry’s Plan for Recovery from COVID-19

As we begin easing out of the COVID-19 lockdown and return to the new “business as usual,” those of us in the insurance industry know that we face some unique challenges. From the economic impact of the recent surge in claims to the operational challenges of running a call center remotely (and everything in between), insurance carriers will require innovative technology solutions to achieve sustainable success.

In this webinar, insurance and technology experts engage in a roundtable discussion focused on key industry issues and the blueprints for addressing them head on. Microsoft’s Phil Bickerton, as well as HCL-PowerObjects’ Rangarajan Srinivasan, Sivakumar Mahalingam and Leon Tribe, examine the role technology is playing in navigating these unique times and explore Microsoft Business Applications solutions, including HCL-PowerObjects’ PowerInsurance Accelerator for Dynamics 365.

How Emerging Technology is Reshaping Customer Service in Financial Services

There’s at least one thing all companies in the Financial Services Industry (FSI) have in common: delivering excellent customer experience is the key to winning and retaining clients.

In this webinar, we discuss the customer experience in FSI with industry experts from Aflac, Forrester, and PowerObjects. Our discussion includes Forrester’s take on emerging customer service trends in FSI, including the technology innovations that are helping FSI organizations meet customer demands in 2020 and beyond. We also hear from leading insurance provider, Aflac, on how their organization is using Microsoft technology to innovate and drive better customer service outcomes.

Transforming the Customer Experience in Financial Services

Rapidly changing customer expectations and needs, new competitors, and increasing regulatory pressures are the new normal in Financial Services. To survive and thrive in this ecosystem, you must be prepared for whatever the marketplace throws at you by using solutions for customer relationship management (CRM), social engagement, customer insights, and other modern, digital capabilities in concert to reach new customers and build enduring loyalty.

We explore customer experience transformation in Financial Services with industry experts from Forrester, Microsoft and PowerObjects. Specific topics include customer service trends in Financial Services, technology innovation and solution implementation best practices for meeting today’s customer demands. We will share real world experiences in how leading financial services organizations are using Microsoft technology to innovate and drive better customer service outcomes.

Top Trends and Innovations Driving Better Customer Experiences in Financial Services for 2019

How are digital transformation trends affecting financial services industry in 2019 and is your organization ready?

In this webinar, learn the latest industry insights on CRM customer experience trends, how CX strategies impact top line revenue, ways to manage big data, and key factors in establishing a successful CRM team.