D365 In Focus: User Readiness Strategy

D365 In Focus: User Readiness Strategy

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Hi. I'm Deb and I'm here to talk to you about how critical having a user readiness strategy is to fully maximize your Dynamic 365 investment. One of the common lessons learned we hear when talking with prospects regarding previous implementations, is that they focused on the system versus getting users ready for the implementation.

Some of the common mistakes were that no communication was planned to users, expectations of users were unclear, training was developed focused on the system versus a day-in-the-life processes and, in some cases, no training was planned at all.

At the core, understand the significance of a change to the users. Is this a system upgrade? Is it a switch from one system to another with little process changes? Or is this a true transformational change where it's your first automated system implementation? We recommend developing a user readiness strategy leveraging change management principles.

Think about who will manage your system post implementation? Do you need power objects to upscale your technical resources? Perhaps Power Success is a great fit for your organization. We'll work with you to analyze what is the perfect match for your uniqueness. Our change management consultants can conduct various assessments to support you in developing a strategy that is unique to your organization.

One of the other challenges we have heard from our clients with an education team, is that they underestimated the time commitment involved for their resources. It's important for trainers to be involved during design planning, design review sessions, and user acceptance testing. At PowerObjects we have learning consultants that can support you in that journey. They're certified in Dynamic 365 and they understand training methodology. We can develop your content and then train your team to be able to deliver those materials.

Our team is passionate about user readiness. Leverage our expertise to support you in our journey. To find out more, check out our education capabilities on our website. Thank you for watching D365 In Focus.

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