CRM Training in Action: UL's CRM Customer Success Story

CRM Training in Action: UL's CRM Customer Success Story

PowerObjects client UL needed to train six hundred sales people in the organization’s new CRM system on four-week timeline to representatives across the globe. UL needed a partner that could develop and implement a training program around their system that could be rolled out in a short amount of time. Check out their video case study to see how PowerObjects created a training program for UL to successfully launch the initiative.

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TJ: UL is a independent safety science company with more than a century of experience in innovating safety solutions. We are a global organization with more than 11,000 employees with offices and test labs around the world. UL uses CRM to enable our sales process, to create a one UL experience for our clients.

Helen: UL University is the learning and development organization for UL. We exist, really, to drive a competitive advantage for UL through people.

TJ: A discussion about training is a discussion about business success. I chose to partner with PowerObjects' Education Team because of their expertise. We had to train approximately 800 sales people. To do that we had to train at least 60 sales leaders to actually facilitate the training around the globe. Northbrook, Illinois, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Milan, Italy, Frankfurt, Germany, Hong Kong, and Taipei, Taiwan. We only had four weeks to get all of that done

Helen: If you have someone like a subject matter expert, in this case we had PowerObjects. They were there with content immediately.

Mark: The PowerObjects trainer was a thought leader. They were also a partner with us in the training program.

TJ: They have the capabilities and services to help UL University create a learning experience that led with a process to be able to teach our sales teams how the CRM tool enabled that particular process. Taking a blended learning approach minimized the time that sales people were in the classroom. We created a one day classroom training, which allowed our participants to understand the theory around the sales process, get a visual demonstration on how to leverage the tool. It allowed them to apply the skills that they learned.

Mark: Working with PowerObjects, especially in the train the trainer sessions, was phenomenal.

TJ: It's very important that we have our sales leaders in front of the class, not only teaching the class, but really inspiring and educating to lead the change initiative.

Mark: Working with the UL U rep and the PowerObjects rep made it so easy for us to go out and just talk about what we know.

LaKeya: My favorite part of working with the PowerObjects Education Team was the examples and scenarios that we were using were real life.

TJ: The eLearning allowed us to demo certain aspects of the CRM tool. It gave them a real sense of why we were doing this and, more importantly, why this initiative was really important to our clients. PowerObjects' Education Team were our master trainers. They were able to respond in real time to our trainers as they facilitated the training in their own regions.

Helen: Someone might be going to a training session the next day, the next hour. You needed tool that let them talk to each other no matter where or when it was. Yammer was just that great tool for us.

Mark: The PowerObjects representative was part of that Yammer group. We could communicate back and forth.

Helen: It was so important while using Yammer to have both the UL University and a PowerObjects team member dedicated to monitoring the site.

LaKeya: I came to see Yammer as my breaking news report. When I was training, there were times where we had questions. I checked Yammer. Yammer had some of the questions that were just posed along with the answers, so during the afternoon, I was able to come in with, "Hey, some breaking news."

TJ: This training was successful because of the unique approach that was developed in collaboration with PowerObjects' Education Team.

Mark: The PowerObjects trainers were an extremely integral part of the success of this roll-out.

TJ: They actually supported our trainers as they embarked on their journey of delivering training throughout the globe.

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