Trek Bikes Customer Success Story

Trek Bikes Customer Success Story

Integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and other enterprise data sources, including Trek’s JDE ERP system, has helped develop a more complete picture of Trek’s dealers and customers, while the introduction of Yammer has enabled people to collaborate within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online—replacing email and instant messaging for certain workgroups.

Trek believes in bicycles. The company sees the bicycle as a simple solution to challenges as complex as climate change, urban congestion, and human fitness. Founded in 1976 in Waterloo, Wisconsin, the company has grown into a top designer and maker of high-end bikes, which it sells through independent specialty bicycle shops worldwide.

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Trek is the best bicycle company in the world. That's what makes Trek different. We build better bikes, we do it better, we do it faster, we do it more intelligently than anybody. You can find us in a wide variety of models, makes, styles, everything from cruisers on up to high-performance road bikes. We make something for everybody. We try to be on the cutting edge of everything here at Trek - not just bikes, not just bike accessories, but also in an IT, in the way we run our business.

What's really cool about Trek is we get to play to any technology that we want. We're a Microsoft shop. We don't have to play with Microsoft technologies, we choose to. We use all the tools - we use Lync, SharePoint, Outlook Exchange. If Microsoft's selling it, we're buying it.

We decided that in order to get the most value out of CRM, we had to go to other parts of the business, so we started going to marketing, then we started going to Ascend, which is a point of sale software that we write. Went to BCycle, which is a ride-sharing program. We went to all these different groups and said, "Hey, we think you'll find value in CRM too." We're continuously growing our deployment at Trek. We currently have around 200 users, but we're always adding more licenses.

Prior to Dynamics CRM, our consumer contacts would sometimes take 2 to 4 weeks to reply to consumers. With Dynamics CRM, we've been able to reply to consumers now within minutes. The other favorite thing about CRM is the ability to get any data I need at a moment's notice. Being able to get whatever I want, however I want, in whatever format that I want, is really powerful.

We called PowerObjects and at the time, I was having an issue, and PowerObjects said, "Hey, we'll help you out. We want to make sure that you have success in your deployment." We use PowerObjects to help us support our environment on a day to day basis. We are proficient enough that we can do it on our own, however, PowerObjects is there when we need them. They're our twelfth man, so to speak. The fact that I can pick up the phone right now and there's at least three people at PowerObjects that I know and I can have their help with an issue on the spot is what means the most to me and to Trek. PowerObjects works for us. They work the way we need them to work, and they do what we need them to do, and they do it in a fast, efficient, and cost efficient manner, and they do it better than anybody.

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