The ServSmart Solution

The ServSmart Solution

Imagine a world where you could listen to what your devices were telling you. Imagine if you could tell if a machine was going to fail or breakdown before it happens. With the ServSmart framework from HCL and PowerObjects you don’t have to imagine anymore!

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Speaker: Ever wondered what your devices are thinking? Ever wondered how your customers are using your products? Wouldn’t it be nice to know?

To answer these questions PowerObjects and HCL developed ServSmart, to give organizations a 360 degree view into their customers’ experience. This allows you to understand how your devices operate and enable you to increase your service revenue, improve employee productivity and satisfaction, as well as exceed customer expectations.

ServSmart is a closed-loop digitized service platform solution that accelerates your digital transformation.  It begins with capturing machine data, storing that data in Azure, and uses defined parameters to create an alert in Dynamics 365. Data is then analyzed with Cortana Analytics to develop and refine Machine Learning and Predictive Maintenance for that piece of equipment.

AssetTrack, created by extending the existing CRM Customer Asset, provides a comprehensive asset management solution.  AssetTrack gives you the functionality to define, read, or diagnose key information from a machine.  Functionality such as creating snapshots, allows you to analyze how your product performed 6, 12 or 18 months earlier. With the ability to define key attributes such as temperature and pressure recordings you can automate the decision to send a service alert to CRM o dispatch a technician. You also have the aptitude to set up performance characteristics, machine settings and identifiers, as well as related stakeholders.

As you manage that information and bring it into Azure, you can capture data and provide analysis for how your installed base is performing.  Features such as plan and predictive maintenance can give you the foresight to know when a particular item may be failing and then send that information back to a product lifecycle management system. Leveraging all of that information can help build and define what is most important – complete visibility of your customer and their assets - to give them the utmost customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive Dynamics 365 platform can be leveraged for managing parts orders, RMA’s, field service, asset tracking, customer service, warranty and parts, and field technician scheduling and mobility.

To learn more about the features and functionality the ServSmart framework has to offer, connect with one of our field service experts. Or watch the full product demo from the PowerObjects’ Field Service Practice Director, Dan Cefaratti.

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