Sovereign Housing, Part 2: The Journey Continues

Sovereign Housing, Part 2: The Journey Continues

In this video, employees of U.K.’s Sovereign Housing Association share their thoughts on Sovereign’s current technology infrastructure transformation initiative. The goal is to integrate systems and explore technologies that will enable them to better serve their customers. They partnered with PowerObjects to implement Dynamics 365, and the result is a solution that empowers customers to manage their own homes.

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Sam: Selecting the right technology platform is fundamental for digital transformation within Sovereign. Without the right technology, we would be unable to work at pace and ultimately control what we develop and deploy to our customers.

Matt G.: Due to a number of recent mergers, we have loads of different ways of working, with loads of different legacy systems. What we're trying to get back to is one consistent way of working across all of our different regions.

Martin: When looking at Dynamics, we also considered Salesforce and Oracle.

Sam: We know we needed a platform which was extendable for the future and we could deploy into the Cloud.

Sam: The reason that we went with Dynamics 365 is firstly Sovereign's a Microsoft First organization. The projects we're doing now are the first in the set of series of deployments we'll do with Dynamics 365.

Sam: Dynamics 365 is a platform that promotes configuration over code, and therefore we can build upon the platform long into the future.

Matt H.: To change the way we deliver our Tenancy Management Service, we needed to centrally schedule all of our housing officers. That enables us to get the right person at the right time to our customers and enables us to ensure that we understand where we're scheduling them. We can see all of that through Dynamics 365 and particularly the Field Service modules. We can actually link that through to the case.

Christian: PowerObjects spent some time with the frontline teams in the Contact Centre. That has enabled us to have those conversations in the room about what we're trying to achieve, actually putting live texture around it, which is really beneficial to delivering that platform for our customer.

Sam: Dynamics 365 and PowerObjects, the thing I'm most excited about is taking back control of Sovereign's development and the way that we deploy services to our customers.

Christian: What we were looking at was not only somebody that could deliver Dynamics as a product, but also around the values, around the fit to business, how we could work with them.

Sam: Sovereign was impressed with PowerObjects' extensive experience and capability when configuring and employing Dynamics 365. Throughout the entire procurement process we felt Power Object really understood what we were trying to achieve and articulated how they would help us reach our goals.

Sam: One of the reasons we chose Dynamics 365 is because we believe we can learn from what other people are doing within the social housing sector and other business markets. PowerObjects have extensive experience, not just in social housing, but within markets within the UK and internationally.

Sam: From the intellectual property and the experience PowerObjects are developing elsewhere, we'll accelerate the goal that Sovereign Housing is trying to achieve.

Nicole: There is a clear wealth of experience that combined with the energy and excitement and the passion for the project that our team has, it's quite a powerful combination.

Christian: PowerObjects are a extremely capable partner. They give me confidence that they can deliver the vision that we've set out and together I think we'll deploy something extraordinary within Dynamics 365.

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