Using Technology to Better Serve Customers at Sovereign Housing


Using Technology to Better Serve Customers at Sovereign Housing

As part of a wider transformation program designed to integrate systems and explore technologies that would allow them to better serve their customers, Sovereign Housing Association partnered with PowerObjects to implement Dynamics 365. The result is a solution that enables self-help and empowers customers to manage their own homes.

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Nicole:                  Sovereign Housing Association is the seventh largest housing association outside London.

Sam:                      We have 56,000 homes with 130,000 customers.

Martin:                 The reason we wanted to implement Dynamics 365 is because we wanted to improve customer service in the contact center, but also to provide Field Service to our housing officers.

Nicole:                  Dynamics 365 is a project for Sovereign as part of its wider transformation program, and that was about integrating systems but also looking at technology that meant that we could better serve our customers and be more efficient in terms of how we manage customer contact across the business.

So, the business case was built on three pillars really. I think the first one was around the strategic direction and aspiration for Sovereign and just supported the wider aspiration around having modern technology to serve customer.

Sam:                      We want to work at pace, be scalable for the future, and have a platform which is configurable, and we can take inspiration and innovation from other markets.

Nicole:                  The other pillar was around just understanding what our customer needs and aspirations are.

Matt H.:               It's around really being able to deliver a great service to our customer when they need it in the channels that they need it to keep it up.

Nicole:                  And then the third one was really about giving that 360-degree view of customer to the business, capturing all those interactions with customer in one place.

Christian:             It's an opportunity to use the intelligence and the advanced technology of Dynamics to achieve that. So internally, we are starting with tenancy management, contact center, and sales and marketing at Sovereign Living.

Sam:                      Our contact center will have a much greater visibility of what's going on in our customer's homes, the interactions that they have with us, and the cases that are being managed on their behalf.

Martin:                 From this implementation, we're hoping to have a faster, more consistent customer service across all of our different branches of customers.

Sam:                      Customers will be able to self- serve online and Dynamics 365 underpins a number of our websites. Therefore, by using an integration between Dynamics 365 and our websites, customers will be empowered to manage their homes themselves.

Matt H.:               It means we can provide a responsive service to our customers. We can get to our customers when they need us, and we can meet the business priorities at the same time. We wouldn't be able to do this without Dynamics 365.

Christian:             We'll be able to proactively manage tenancy management. Be able to use the artificial intelligence. As we go forward, we'll be able to flex and deliver a personalized service to our residents.

Sam:                      We're changing the way that we handle contact in our contact center, and we're deploying a new way of working within our tenancy management service, using Field Service to essentially triage cases and then deploy housing officers to the customers who need us most.

Nicole:                  We're not just putting in existing processes into a new technology. We're using the capabilities of the new technology to think about how can we better do what we do?

Martin:                 Now is the right time to take the next step in rolling out Dynamics 365.

Nicole:                  It enables our ability to truly offer a personalized service to them. We understand their need, we understand their aspiration, and we tailor the service to them, and I believe that Dynamics 365 is the technology that enables us to do that.

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