Sovereign Housing Association, Part III


Sovereign Housing Association, Part III

Sovereign is a leading housing association in the UK that serves nearly 150,000 tenants. With PowerObjects’ help, they are executing a multi-stage and multi-year Dynamics 365-based digital transformation. This video is the third installment of a four-part series exploring different aspects of the project and their partnership with PowerObjects.

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Matt H.: Sovereign and Power Objects have worked well since the election process to ensure we've delivered what was promised and to work through and resolve any issues. The delivery team from Power Objects, that's helps us to implement the vision we have for our contact center, our customer service, and our tenancy management teams. It's been a shared journey, where Power Objects and Sovereign and have worked collaboratively to ensure the program is delivered successfully.
Matt Giles: Power Objects took a lot of time to understand our vision and to make sure that we understood it from beginning to end. They've been really successful in understanding the needs of the business and we can connect them to a feasible solution.
Matt H.: The Proven Process Framework that Power Objects use has been really helpful for us. It's given us a real framework and a step by step guide to implementing Dynamic 365 in Sovereign. It's helped us to ensure that through the Discovery Phase, we're able to communicate clearly the outcomes we wanted and our vision and understand what we needed and expected at each stage.
Matt Giles: Power Objects came on board. They showed us exactly what we could do and how we could use Agile a certain way, so the Contact Center Implementation. That's mainly what's going really, really well. We started with a Sprint Zero and with the Discovery Phase so that we understood exactly what Sovereign's pain points were and how we can solve their problems.
Matt H.: The sprints have enabled us to develop the product, meet our requirements without being tied down to a waterfall approach of not seeing the product for months later.
Christian D.: We're delivering a good robust solution to the teams, out in the front line, and we've got a really good Dynamics Solution to go live. We've got case management, we've got field service, due to the development of Resco, which is really exciting.
Martin: It gives the housing officers all the data they need. It can take the photographs, it can take signatures, it can send it back to the office, then five minutes later the contact center can see it on their screen.
Matt H.: Using field service within the tenancy management teams is enabling us to deliver an innovative approach to tenancy management that hasn't been done before in the sector.
Christian D.: Field service gives the options to find availability and put housing officers in the right price, at the right time, which gives us the efficiencies and also reduces travel time to the housing offices.
Nathan: For us, as the Sovereign Living Team. Some of the best practices we followed as part of the projects is around Sprint Zero, where we take a look at all our TBD processes, looking at the backlog, and then work alongside function consultants. At Power Objects, we now have better quality data. We also have more relevant dates for the teams. It's actually in one place, as well.
Matt Giles: During our implementation, all of our user stories were created and captured in Dev Ops and it was a great collaborative tool for us. We are able to not only just see the stories that we are creating, we're able to see how they're currently being developed. The best advice I could give, is about making sure that you're brave enough to understand what problem it is that you are trying to solve, so you can start taking those steps towards completing it. And Dynamics is a great tool.
Matt H.: Working with Power Objects, developing Dynamic 365 into Sovereign had a number of challenges, but collectively because Power Objects and Sovereign were working in a partnership, which made sure we both successfully delivered the product and overcame. The biggest advice I would give to customers who are thinking of implementing Dynamic Suite 365 into their business, we pick a partner who works with their culture, understands them as a business, but he's prepared to challenge them to gain the maximum benefit from Dynamics 365.
Christian D.: Power Objects and Sovereign work really well together in its implementation. It's been great fun listening to how they've delivered in other housing sections in the sector. It's a really good solution of Dynamics and it's been great working with PowerObjects.

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