Solution Spotlight: Virtual Fracture Clinic

Solution Spotlight: Virtual Fracture Clinic

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Hi. My name is Pavlos. I'm Dynamic Study 65 Functional Consultant here at Power Objects. We work with the Brighton and Sussex University Hospital to develop the Virtual Fraction Clinic solution, which was designed based on a wealth of business process. A perfect example of digitizing healthcare system. Virtual Fracture Clinic streamlines the rehabilitation plan for a patient's fracture. The Virtual Fracture Clinic solution can be basically boiled down into six steps. Step one is where the patient visits the hospital. Then, accident and emergency staff refer the patient to the Virtual Fracture Clinic. In step two, this is where the physiotherapist steps in. They log in to CRM, they land on the case management dashboard, and this is where they can find all the referrals. In step three, the physiotherapist gets in touch with a Senior Medical Consultant. They evaluate the case, and they save the rehabilitation plan on the case in CRM. In step four, this is where the CRM magic begins. The workflows we have behinds the scenes trigger automatic communications and the patient gets an invitation to register on the portal.

In step five, me as a patient, I get the invitation. I register on the portal and I navigate to my care plan, where I can find my personal rehabilitation. I can find information related to my injury. I can do exercises, and I can fill patient satisfaction or injury related surveys. Finally, in step six, we're going back to CRM. Me, as a physiotherapist, I can track patient progress based on service course, and get in touch with my patients. To learn more about the Virtual Fracture Clinic, check our case study online or reach out to me if you have any questions. Thanks for watching this solution spotlight.

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