Solution Spotlight: HealthEast's Success

Solution Spotlight: HealthEast's Success

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Hi. I'm Drew Weaver and I'm a PowerSuccess engineer at PowerObjects. I'm here today to talk about HealthEast Care Systems. This organization has a network of clinics and health systems. Their goal is to provide compassionate care to the patient and put their needs first. I helped HealthEast Care Systems build out their grant application and tracking process. It was important to have this process in CRM because it allows them to go to one place for the submission process of these grants, the tracking of these grants, as well as reporting the data off of these grants. The solution we came up with was step one, import PowerWebForm so that people that wanted to submit grant applications could do so by going to a website, and just entering their information directly and bringing that information into CRM.

The next step in the solution was to create a workflow that then sends an email to the grant requester, letting them know that their submission was received, send an email to the person tracking that submission in CRM to let them know that it was submitted. Step three, it sends it to the next person in that approval process. The next part of the solution was to discover what the specific approval process is for each different type of grant, and then build a workflow that branches out accordingly. For example, if an application is submitted that's requested for less than $5,000, it has a more streamlined process. Whereas, if an application is submitted for something that's greater than, for example, $15,000, we might have more approval needed and for each part of that process.

The last part of the process is the actual approval or denial of that application. Regardless of whether it's approved or denied, we date stamp that and an email gets sent to the grant submitter. Perhaps most importantly, HealthEast requires a report be sent for certain grant applications a year after that application has been approved. They can determine the success of their money that was spent and they can use that information to target how they spend their money more efficiently going forward. By using this solution, HealthEast can bring in information via PowerWebForm directly into CRM, track and automate their processes for that grant application, and target their money more efficiently going forward. For more information about how PowerWebForm or PowerSuccess can help you, check out our website. Thanks for checking out the solution spotlight.

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