Solution Spotlight: ETI and PowerSuccess

Solution Spotlight: ETI and PowerSuccess

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Hey, I'm Dustin and I'm a PowerSuccess engineer here at PowerObjects. Equipment Technology or ETI is a company made up of 300 manufacturing, engineering, and service professionals who manufacture aerial lift trucks for a number of different industries. ETI wanted a way to track their equipment in CRM, so they could see what customers have rented equipment form them, what they charge them for that rental and the duration of the rental. Having this information in CRM will allow them to know which pieces of equipment they have rented out to customers and which pieces of equipment they have on hand to rent out to new customers.

For this solution, I created two custom entities. The first custom entity, equipment, allows them to enter all their inventory into CRM with relevant information like the make, model, VIN number, and mileage. The second custom entity, equipment rental, allows them to create a new record every time they rent a new piece of equipment out to a customer. For example, when an ETI employee wants to enter a new rental agreement into CRM, they create a new record which allows them to select the piece of equipment to be rented. The customer, the duration of the rental, and how much they're going to charge for that rental.

Now, with one click document generation, it is now much more efficient for them to generate these documents and send to their customer. With the solution, ETI now has better visibility into their equipment inventory and can generate rental agreements much faster than before. The customers are also receiving better service from ETI as a result of these improved CRM processes. For more information on new features, be sure to check out our blog or the CRM book. For more information on PowerSuccesss, visit our page. Thanks for checking out this Solution Spotlight.

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