PowerCapital is the Dynamics 365 Accelerator for Capital Markets Firms


PowerCapital is the Dynamics 365 Accelerator for Capital Markets Firms

PowerObjects’ Dynamics 365 Accelerator for the Investment/Capital Markets industry leverages Microsoft Business Applications, our own PowerPack add-ons, and our proprietary data model to empower organizations to deliver consistently superior customer experiences. In this video, you’ll see the accelerator in action.

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In recent years, the Capital Markets industry has shifted. We are seeing more rigid compliance and regulations, as well as emerging products that are significantly more complex. And delivering excellent customer service is no longer seen as a positive differentiator in the traditional sense – it is just expected.
This begs the question: how can firms hope to deliver consistently excellent customer service if they’re unable to tap into the reliable 360-degree client views that make it possible?
Fortunately, PowerObjects has the answer. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, PowerCapital is a custom solution accelerator designed by Capital Markets experts at PowerObjects and based on their years of experience within the industry. PowerCapital accelerates digital transformation programs by leveraging the Microsoft Cloud: Dynamics 365, Azure, and Power Platform. PowerCapital provides organizations with a fully extensible data model for managing these complex relationships, optimizing sales and service efforts, and enabling a true reflection of Assets Under Management across multiple investors, products, and territories.
PowerCapital was built with 9 fully developed personas and Capital Markets organizational types. The model works by dictating – based on persona selected – which D365 fields, forms, and views, as well as which tools from the Microsoft Business Applications stack, are needed to suit the way in which firms operate and go to market. Benefits include:
• Advisers can send targeted offers to each customer based on their individual profiles, risk tolerance, and needs.
• Interoperability with various transfer agents to pull through actual fund information – and then consolidating those transfer agent feeds, normalizing and standardizing them with the Ticket Entity.
• Providing Asset Managers with enriched data showing investment portfolios and recent transactions for real-time client advice and cross-sell/upsell opportunities.
• Next Best Action suggestions and Know-Your-Customer profiles help build value-add and longstanding relationships.
• Reducing operational costs and onboarding time across all areas of the business.

PowerCapital enables firms to truly accelerate time to market, mitigate deployment risk, reduce program costs, increase user adoption, and streamline user experience and customer interactions.
Sound interesting? PowerObjects offers a free fit/gap analysis and will demonstrate how PowerCapital can help meet your firm’s unique requirements. Winner of the 2019 Microsoft Global Financial Services Partner of the Year, PowerObjects is the number one Systems Integrator for Dynamics 365 solutions in Capital Markets. Connect to one of our industry experts to learn more about PowerCapital and how our services can unlock these benefits for you. We know the industry, and the unique challenges and we’ve solved them. Let PowerObjects and PowerCapital go to work for you.

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