Customer Success Story: NOV (National Oilwell Varco)

Customer Success Story: NOV (National Oilwell Varco)

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Lauren: NOV provides industry-leading oil and gas equipment, and solutions. We're constantly looking at ways to innovate our solutions for our customers.

Chris: NOV needed Field Service for Dynamics 365, because we always want to be a pacesetter in our industry. We want to focus on offering the highest level of customer service that we can.

Lauren: This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 really became valuable for us, as we tried to implement systems that gave us a better visibility across all of our resources, and really allowed us to make data-driven decisions that positively impact our customers.

Chris: NOV started looking for a Microsoft partner when we that we wanted to capitalize on our Field Service group.

Jason: PowerObjects with Microsoft's preferred partner for implementing Field Service. Power Object expertise gave NOV a platform, and the process for successfully implementing the system.

Gary: Service after the sale is one of our biggest tools. Field Service of the link between customers and manufacturing. Our manufacturing does a great job, but our service technicians can really sell our company.

Chris: We challenge ourselves to work with vendors that take innovation as a precedent. The relationship with PowerObjects has allowed us to capitalize on one of our biggest strengths.

Jason: NOV employees are using Field Service functionality in many different roles. Sales and commercial teams are using it to identify and capture Field Service opportunities. Service managers and administrators are using it to plan jobs and resources. The Field Service technicians are using the mobile applications to execute their work in the field.

Lauren: The mobile app allows our service technicians to capture everything that they do onsite in real time.

Jason: Real-time data allows NOV to be more adaptable for our customers needs. Once I have the information I need, I can instantly make those adjustments.

Lauren: We can see exactly what the tech did, the minute that it happened.

Jason: My favorite thing about the Field Service app, is the fact that I can have it on my mobile device. The app shows me who my customer is. It gives me their address. It gives me site-specific directions, what equipment I will be working on, what tools can possibly be utilized once I get there.

Meredith: The service calendar's purpose is for a broad overview of each tech, and each job that is assigned. That helps other people planning, so that if they need to use that particular tach, they know how far out they'll be scheduled. Since implementing Field Service, I can now see where our techs are across the world. In Dynamics 365, it allows us to store all of the service tech's certifications and qualifications within that platform. With the resource management and profiling feature, we're able to make sure that we have the right tech onsite, with the right certifications.

Chris: The largest benefit in NOV working with PowerObjects was the fact that PowerObjects was able to entrench itself in our organization. To understand what we do, to understand what we manufacture, and to see the processes that we already have in place. They were able to embed themselves in our culture. Understand what makes us successful, and help us capitalize on those strengths.

Lauren: Since implementing Field Service for Dynamics 365, we've been able to see real-time data across all of our resources. So we're able to make data-driven decisions globally.

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