Living The Core Values at PowerObjects, an HCL Technologies Company

Living The Core Values at PowerObjects, an HCL Technologies Company

Our team was built around five core values: Think Team, Love What You Do, Live the Technology, Always Add Value and Do the Right Thing. Everything we do is based around these core values and our team has flourished because of it. Being recognized as one of the best places to work and as the top Microsoft Worldwide Partner, year after year, is just one of the ways that the power of these core values is apparent. In this video, hear from our team members and see for yourself, what sets PowerObjects apart from the rest.

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Cecilie: Power Objects doesn't feel like a job when you come in. Everyone's laughing, having a good time, but they're motivated and they're helping people.

Liz: It still embraces the entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up even though we're a global enterprise company.

Maria: I think we all come to work every day because we believe in what we do and the people that we do it with.

Jim: Dean and I, way back when said, "What's important to us and let's form an organization around us that match core values that mean something to us." We figured that was as good a way to bring people into the organization as anything.

Matt: Our core values are so important because it drives our success. Everything we do is based upon our core values and we get a very homogeneous group of people because of that, that love to work together, love to solve problems together, and love to drive success together. No amount of growth, no amount of global expansion can change those core values cause it's the people that keep them alive.

Kim: One of our core values is "Do The Right Thing" and you see it every single day.

Cecilie: That's a value that is just innately built into the people that work here. It really drives the culture. Then it helps to have somebody to look up to that is always doing the right thing as well.

Barath: My favorite core value is "Think Team" because at the end of the day, you're only as good as your team.

Jeff: The leadership team fosters the "Think Team" core value by really empowering everybody throughout the organization to make decisions that are for the greater good of the organization.

Ellen: We have a lot of autonomy here, which is really important I think.

Vandana: Since consulting is truly a teamwork focused job, it really helps to have co-workers who you can rely on and having a team that has your back is very encouraging.

Adam: One of our core values is "Live The Technology" and you see it everywhere. People plan their weddings with CRM. Everything we're doing is through a lens of technology.

Dan: They're instrumental in fueling that "Live The Technology" vibe and so I've become more of a techie and more of a geek since I've joined Power Objects.

Matt: "Always Add Value," really what it means is going above and beyond on the little things every day.

Liz: Whether that is doing something that helps make your colleague's day easier or even for your client, adding that extra touch to emails that lets them know that you understand what their needs are.

Dan: One of our core values is "Love What You Do" and that is echoed in every individual and every endeavor we do at Power Objects.

Terah: I get to get out into the entire world and meet really cool people who are brilliant. I work with a lot of really smart people and then they challenge me to become a better employee, to become a better person.

Dustin: I think it's contagious when you love what you do, when you come into the office and have a good attitude, and I think it rubs off on your customers in the relationships you have with them, and then also it just creates a better environment in the office.

Dana: Everybody in the organization really does love what they do and geek out on the technology and gets excited to come to work in the morning.

Jim: So when you think about the core values, Think Team, Love What You Do, Live The Technology, Always Add Value, Do The Right Thing, do these ring true to you? Do they resonate with you? Do you think that you can work within a team that's exhibiting these core values?

Dan: Bring passion, bring fire, bring enthusiasm, and you will fit in great to the culture here.

Adam: I wake up everyday loving what I'm doing and loving who I get to work with.

Kim: If anybody I knew was thinking of working at Power Objects, I would say do it immediately.

Ellen: It is the best place I've ever worked.

Barath: And it's not all work actually. It's fun and work together.

Vandana: It feels more like a home than just a job.

Matt: As we grow and as our projects grow, there's a lot of opportunity for people here at Power Objects to grow with us.

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