D365 In Focus: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

D365 In Focus: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Hi! My name is Merlin Schwaiger. I'm the Director of Solution Design here at PowerObjects and I'm here to talk to you today about the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and how it integrates with Dynamics 365.

So, first off, let's discuss what LinkedIn Sales Navigator actually provides. Sales Navigator gives your sellers the ability to tap into their social networks, as well as the social networks of their team members to find new leads and prospects that they might wanna connect with.

So, what are some of the features that Sales Navigator provides your sales people? One of those is TeamLink, which allows them to see who else within your organization is already connected to somebody that they wanna connect with. Another one of those features is the Icebreakers. Icebreakers give them some suggested conversation topics that they can use to initiate a conversation with somebody that they're not already connected to. It may be interesting pieces about their industry or things that they're already interested in. Also, there is Lead Builder, which gives them the ability to see additional context that they may not have in their network that are similar to the people that they're trying to connect with right now. And then, finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the integration with Dynamics 365.

So, let's discuss what the integration with Dynamics 365 actually looks like. When you install the integration for Sales Navigator into Dynamics 365, it adds a panel at the bottom of the account, contact, and lead record, which surfaces all of the same information that you see in Sales Navigator right there within Dynamics. This gives you the same great information that you would get within Sales Navigator, without having to navigate to another system.

Finally, InMails that you send through LinkedIn or through Sales Navigator will integrate back into Dynamics 365 as activity so that they will show up in the social pane when you're looking at that record in the future.

So, Microsoft is gonna continue to invest in social selling tools to make these even more useful in the future. If you can imagine tying your social information, your corporate information, to continue to expand and strengthen the ability for you to see which connections are stronger and which connections are weaker, and focus your time on those connections that are gonna result in the best outcomes.

To learn more about those new features and other new features of Dynamics 365 as they come out, subscribe to the PowerObjects blog and keep up to date on all that news. You can also, if you wanna see the current LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, check out our webinar on demand, also available on our website. And as always, thanks for watching Dynamics 365 In Focus.

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