D365 In Focus: Dynamics 365 University

D365 In Focus: Dynamics 365 University

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Hi, my name's Crista, I'm part of the education team at PowerObjects. Today I'm going to introduce you to our Dynamics 365 University offerings, and how they can help prepare your organization for success.

PowerObjects is the Microsoft worldwide partner of the year, with a fanatical focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365. One of our four pillars of success at PowerObjects is education. We know business results depend on rapid adoption and effective usage, which is why we have such a strong focus on training your teams to support the technology long term.

Our university focuses on out of the box features and functionality training for your core team, helping them speak the same terminology and understanding all of the capabilities early on, to help bring success to your implementation. When you choose education at PowerObjects, you have a choice to attend a regularly scheduled offering at any of our global training centers, or we can bring a trainer on site to a location of your choice.

Having worked with clients of all sizes, small, medium, large, and enterprise, we know each client has unique needs, which is one of the reasons we have a variety of training options available within our Dynamics 365 University. Often, we find clients embedding this training early on, to discover all of the capabilities Dynamics 365 has to offer.

If our standard public courses don't meet your unique needs, we are happy to help you build your own training from over 20 training modules housed within our Dynamics 365 University. Good training initiatives could help bring down the cost of the overall project, and increase user effectiveness and efficiencies.

As a part of our Dynamics 365 Public University offerings, attendees will earn a completion badge, documenting their participation and their knowledge. If you are interested in training your teams to support the technology long term, check out our events page to find a course that's right for you, or contact us to discuss what's right for your organization. Thanks for watching this Dynamics 365 In Focus.

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