D365 In Focus – Public Sector Solutions in the UK


D365 In Focus – Public Sector Solutions in the UK

In this short video, Jon Saverton, Senior Area Sales Director in PowerObjects UK, describes how Dynamics 365 is used in the Public Sector to help government agencies deliver better solutions to citizens, as well as to help citizens engage more fully and deeply in return.

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Hello. I'm Jon. I'm here from PowerObjects, and I'm here to talk about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 is being used to address some of the trends that are affecting public sector today.

The first area I'd like to focus on that's particularly important not just for citizens but predominately for public sectors is how do they engage digitally with the people they are serving. One of the key areas that we enable that with Microsoft Dynamics 365 is through machine-learning and, in particular, bots.

Building on the advantages that come from a digital engagement with a citizen, councils, authorities, and public sector organizations can look at how can they deliver new services, new opportunities to engage with their citizens without necessarily increasing the cost, and certainly, broadening their reach.

As well as government bodies wanting to deliver new services to citizens, citizens want to engage more fully and deeper with the government agencies, so we can offer some self-service functionality that works not just in a web browser but also is great on a portal or great on a mobile device. This allows the citizen to pass information that is important to them to these other agencies, these government agencies.

Using Dynamics 365, we can wrap a whole load of security and a whole lot of integrity around that data so the custodians as well the data originators are all protected. With all this data, it's important that people own it, look after it, and act as true custodians. That's where Microsoft Dynamics 365 really cuts into the bleeding edge as we've mentioned previously, so PowerObjects are excited to be a real partner within the public sector. We'd love you to come and have a look at some of the works we're doing, so check out our website and go and have a look at the Colchester Borough Council works.
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