D365 In Focus - The Benefits of a Dedicated Support Engineer For Your Enterprise Organization

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D365 In Focus - The Benefits of a Dedicated Support Engineer For Your Enterprise Organization

PowerObjects has found that enterprise organizations or organizations with complex Dynamics 365 deployments often need a single point of contact to better facilitate support requests. In this installment of D365 In Focus, Derek, Senior IT Manager, talks about the benefits of the PowerObjects DSE program.

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Hi, I'm Derek. I'm here today to talk about our new dedicated support engineer program from PowerObjects. For the enterprise customer or large organizations, we've found that the customer needed a single point of contact in order to better manage and facilitate their requests. They didn't necessarily want just resolutions on their cases, but they wanted to be proactive as well.

That's one of the things that we do with the DSE program. We really wanted to focus on a solution that would provide them with a dedicated support engineer, that DSE that can own those cases to conclusion. They act as a liaison for all the issues that they have, whether they're in scope with that skillset or not. You create a case, you're DSE engages you, you create another case and you get the same resource to engage as you did before.

With our standard support agreement, you could create 10 cases and have 5 different engineers. With the DSE program you can create those 10 cases and all 10 of those cases are going to the same contact.

One of the advantages of having the DSE program is that streamlined communication with your single point of contact here at PowerObjects. Historically PowerObjects has engaged on a time and materials basis when it comes to support. The DSE program is simplified billing at its finest. You buy your block of hours up front, when you engage your DSE we decrement against those hours. On our standard support agreement, you're receiving weekly invoices. You can imagine if you're generating multiple cases within a month, that gets to be quite time consuming and difficult to manage.

One of the benefits of having a DSE engaged on your support needs is having a technical advisor there to assist you, be both proactive, reactive, and provide resolutions in a timely manner. By having that DSE engaged, they know your deployment inside and out. This leads to faster resolution times which creates efficiencies within your organization.

To get started with a support option that works for you, reach out to us. Thanks for watching the Dynamics 365 In Focus.

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