The CRM Minute: Marketing 101 with Dynamics CRM


The CRM Minute: Marketing 101 with Dynamics CRM

Marketing is more than just generating leads. Marketing involves engaging with all your customers, but in order to do that successfully, you have to be using the right tactical tools for the job. CRM is one of those tools, and with the right strategy, you can seamlessly integrate your marketing efforts with Dynamics CRM and other PowerObjects PowerPack Add-ons.

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Hi, my name is Dean. I’m a Senior Vice President here at PowerObjects and today I want to talk to you about marketing. Today, organizations are trying to figure out how to use marketing in their CRM. We use tactical tools such as web traffic, email, SMS, web forms, surveys, and scoring to be able to handle the tactical aspect of your marketing message.

What do I mean when I’m talking about the marketing message? A lot of people are looking at their marketing automation to just generate leads. Marketing is far more than that. When I’m talking about a marketing message, I’m talking about how do we engage our customers? Whether that’s fear, giving them an emotion and confirmation of a product that they are using, are we educating them, or is it just marketing 101, let’s create a dragon and slay it. How do you take the tactical tools and engage your customers?

To deliver that marketing message, PowerObjects took an example and we created a trivia game. PowerTrivia leverages tactical tools such as SMS, web forms, and surveys. By doing this, we are able to deliver our marketing message using marketing tactical tools, a fantastic way to deliver your marketing message. Thanks for watching. Now it’s time to go give PowerTrivia a try. Also, check out our LinkedIn articles on digital marketing with CRM and marketing automation. Thanks for watching The CRM Minute!

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