The CRM Minute: Getting Sales and Marketing to Play Nice with CRM


The CRM Minute: Getting Sales and Marketing to Play Nice with CRM

In some organizations, there is sometimes a "sibling rivalry" between sales and marketing teams. In most cases, this stems from a lack of transparency between teams and their objectives. So what do you do? One solution is to use Dynamics CRM and marketing automation to gather and report data about individual marketing campaigns, lead funnel, and more! Hear from Chris, our PowerObjects Data Dude, as he talks about how to get sales and marketing to play nice!

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Hi, I'm Chris. Data Marketing Analyst at PowerObjects. I'm going to talk about how sales and marketing can play nice with CRM. In some companies, there's a sibling rivalry between sales and marketing. Even Hollywood adds fuel to the fire. There's Glengarry Glen Ross, Wall Street, Boiler Room ... Tommy Boy? But what has Hollywood done for marketing?

How can companies squash this rivalry? CRM and marketing and automation. CRM and marketing automation allows you to collect leads from your marketing campaigns and nurture to them through closed/won. But the most important part of this is the data that you're collecting. Go data! Data is the glue that helps bind the sales and marketing teams together. Some data points that you want to analyze include time to close, marketing frontal position, campaign ROI, customer demographics, user pass, lead numbers, sales qualified leads, nurture activities, and lead time.

Some of this data you can find in CRM straight out-of-the-box, but the more data that you have, the better informed you can be. That's why we use PowerPack Add-ons to get even more data. Some of the add-ons that we use include PowerWebForm. PowerWebForm allows us to gather data from our website and forward directly into CRM.

PowerWebTraffic. PowerWebTraffic allows us to see who has visited our site and what content they have consumed.

PowerScore. PowerScore allows to understand where our leads are in their journey and market to them.

PowerMailChimp. PowerMailChimp allows us to create awesome HTMLs that we send to clients.

Then there's PowerNurture. PowerNurture is a marketing automation dream come true. It allows us to generate interest based off a lead's previous activity.

What's next? You can try all our PowerPack Add-ons, including PowerNurture, free for 30 days. Join me September 27th for a webinar on how PowerObjects uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Lead Gen. Thanks for watching, The CRM Minute!

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