The CRM Minute: Why CRM? Bad Decisions Caused by Bad Data


The CRM Minute: Why CRM? Bad Decisions Caused by Bad Data

Does data have you feeling down? Without the right data, you don’t know what action to take when making important business decisions. CRM is a powerful tool that can help you get the actionable insights you need to make smart business decisions. Leveraging CRM allows you to find, diagnose, and fix your business problems—and turn them into valuable opportunities.

Bad data affects multiple areas in an organization, and can lead to detrimental consequences. CRM takes your data and transforms it into something you can actually use!

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jim and I work at PowerObjects. Welcome to our video series about Why CRM. Today we’re going to talk about one of the most common things that we hear when we go to talk to customers about implementing CRM: bad decisions caused by bad data. It’s not necessarily that they’re bad decisions. It’s the inability to have the right data to make the correct decisions.

As an example, in a professional services company you may hire too fast or fire too slow, and you may be making that decision based on inaccurate data. In a manufacturing company, this will translate into inadequate inventories or maybe excessive inventories. Either way, both of those situations will cause a problem with managing your cash flow. That can be detrimental to any business. Check out the Why CRM site. We have some videos that dive a little bit deeper into this. We wrote an eBook specifically around this bad decision/bad data problem. You can also check out our success stories from customers that have solved this problem with a CRM system. We welcome you back to visit our blog series any time you would like.

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