Adoption & Sustainment by PowerObjects

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Adoption & Sustainment by PowerObjects

PowerObjects is 100% focused on Microsoft Business Applications through our four pillars of Service, Support, Education, and Add-ons. In this video, we explore the external-facing portion of our Education pillar: the Adoption & Sustainment team. Meet PowerObjects' Global Director of Adoption & Sustainment, Debra Enloe, as she discusses her team's focus on the three key components of every technology transformation – Product, Process, and People.

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Video Transcript

Education is one of our four pillars at PowerObjects and there's actually two branches within that pillar. We have an internal talent team that focuses on education and skilling up our internal resources and our other is the external education, which is our Adoption & Sustainment.

We focus on three different areas. The first area is the Product, so we have a team that is skilled up to train the client's team on the product that they're implementing, so depending on what's involved in the implementation, they'll join the project at the very beginning and walk them through how the system works natively.

We have a group of learning consultants that are really focused on understanding the day in the life Processes and unique end-users within our clients implementation. Through that approach, we collaborate with our clients to build out a training content, understanding the learning objectives, any behavioral shifts that we can roll out through a training perspective, and then our best practice is to leverage a train the trainer approach. We like to onboard our clients to the content so they can in turn own that and be empowered to train their users.

The third capability within our adoption and sustainment team is our change management capability, and they're focused on the People side of the change. Through that, our team is focused on understanding all things about the individuals that are going to be using the system. So that process starts by looking at current state and planned future states and really analyzing what is the behavioral shift that needs to occur. Then we also can guide managers in helping their teams prepare for that change through various workshops.

One of the areas that I think makes us unique is that everybody on the team is certified in Dynamics 365 so in addition to understanding their core capability, they also understand how the product works as well as an implementation approach.

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