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Configuring Dashboards for Business Process Flows

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Business process flows help to guide users through a defined set of stages and related steps required to complete a business process. Utilizing process flows can result in improvements in user adoption and provide greater visibility into the sales pipeline. This topic describes how to build process-centric dashboards in Dynamics 365 using out of the box entities.

Each business process flow configured in the Dynamics 365 corresponds with a related process entity that includes information such as active stage, status and start date. As a system customizer, you can edit the sitemap to display these process entities, manage permissions for each process via security roles and build custom views including process data as well as attributes from supporting entities. The custom views can also be used to create visualizations such as charts, sub grids and list views of records.

In this example, the organization is utilizing two types of sales processes that are relevant to opportunity entity. Each of these process entities have been added to the sitemap under the Business Processes section to support a process-centric view for a sales user.

business process flow

The user can select a specific business process from the sitemap and double-click a process record from views to continue progressing the opportunity further.

business process flow

We can configure a Sales Process Dashboard in CRM, leveraging system capabilities together to reduce the number of clicks and improve user experience.

Follow these steps:

1. Create a system dashboard called Sales Process Dashboard from the customizations area.

business process flow

2. Insert a chart component into the dashboard by selecting a business process flow entity, a related view and chart visualization based on the stages of the process.

business process flow

3. Insert a list component into the dashboard by selecting the same business process flow entity and a related custom view that combines information from the process and its supporting entity.

business process flow

4. Save and publish the Sales Process dashboard.

Here is a sample Sales Process Dashboard configured to display information for two sales processes for an organization. As a result, sales users can view process-driven information in a user-friendly manner and identify opportunities that require attention.

business process flow


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