The 7 Steps to a Successful CRM Implementation

The way customers interact with your business has changed. The popularity of social media and mobile gives you the opportunity to interact with customers more frequently and more importantly, more effectively, personalizing and contextualizing the messages you deliver to them. However, in order to do so, you need the right systems and processes in place.

Whilst operational CRM remains significant, today the focus has changed. It’s now about generating revenue by better serving and supporting customers on their journey, from acquisition to advocacy. As a result, organizations are exploring new, next generation, omni-channel CRM solutions that support them to innovate and differentiate for customers where it matters most.


  1. Strategy First
  2. Understand the Art of the Possible
  3. Create a Prioritized Roadmap
  4. Develop a Single View of the Customer
  5. Build Agility
  6. Actively Manage Change
  7. Vigorously Manage Benefits Realization
52% of organizations misunderstood the level of effort required for their CRM initiative.