PowerNurture User Guide

Security Roles

When you import PowerNurture, two new security roles will be added to your Dynamics CRM to allow you to choose your users’ level of access to PowerNurture.

PowerNurture User – This security role allows assigned users to view the nurture campaigns and start the campaign for Contacts or Leads. This security role provides the least amount of privileges for PowerNurture.

PowerNurture Administrator – This security role allows assigned users to create PowerNurture campaigns.


Using PowerNurture

To begin using PowerNurture, you must first create a Nurture Campaign by navigating to PowerPack > Nurture Campaign and select New.

On the Nurture Campaign form, enter the Name and a Description (if desired) and press Save to reveal the Design button.


By selecting the Design button, the designer will launch in a new tab. The designer is where you’ll add the steps of your nurture campaign. Start adding steps to the campaign by clicking on the designer and choosing a first step.

Campaign Steps

There are three option in the step selector; Wait, Check and Action steps. These types of steps will be combined throughout the nurture campaign to automate your other Marketing PowerPack Add-Ons.


Once a step is added to the nurture campaign, you will see a new box appear with a + sign to indicate you can add a new step.


When using a check step, you will see a branch with two boxes and a + or sign above. The + above indicates the check condition has been met and you will select the next step. The above indicates that the check condition has not been met and you will then select the next step.


When adding a check step, there will be two indicators showing that new steps can be added. Select the + to select the next step when the check condition has been met. Select the to select the next step when the check condition has not been met.

Wait Step

By selecting the Wait step, you’ll be able to choose either a Relative or Absolute wait step. The Relative wait step will begin once that step is reached in the campaign – similar to a wait condition in CRM. The Absolute wait step is a specific date and time designated, once reached the following step will begin.


Check Step

Check steps are added to check if the Contact or Lead in the nurture campaign have met desired criteria and will create a branch to determine which steps will follow. The check steps works much like an IF condition in CRM.



Action Step

Action steps are added to perform a function when reached. These steps vary from sending e-mails to adding/removing Leads or Contacts from Marketing Lists to running workflows.


Using CRM data in emails

When sending emails in a nurture campaign, at this time users can add slugs to pull data from text and date fields of the Lead or Contact record.

When creating the email step in the campaign, add the desired field's logical name between *| |*.   In the example below, the first name field of the Contact record is added to the email. After sending, the email will now be personalized.

nurture slug

nurture slug email

If using one campaign for both Leads and Contacts, the field logical name in the slug needs to be the same. Otherwise, the slug will fail to populate data.

Starting a Campaign

To run the nurture, open the nurture campaign and select Run Campaign. Then, you can add one or more Contacts or Leads and select Add.

If you’d like to Dynamically add a lead or contact to a nurture campaign, you can set up a workflow to do so.Instructions on how to build out the workflow can be found in the blog post, How to Automatically Send a Web Form Submission to a Nurture Campaign.



The campaign will begin running on the Leads and Contacts until reaching the end of the nurture campaign or the campaign has been stopped for one or all Contacts or Leads.

Stopping a Campaign

To stop the campaign entirely, you will open the nurture campaign and select the Stop Campaign. Choose the Contacts or Leads you wish to remove from the nurture campaign.


You can also remove a Lead or Contact from a nurture campaign from their record. Simply open the Lead or Contact record, select the Stop Campaign button in the ribbon, and add all the campaign steps.


Using PowerNurture in new UCI

PowerNurture is compatible with the Dynamics 365 online UCI. Make sure you have the UCI compatible version downloaded from our website and installed in your CRM.

Once you have PowerNurture installed you can to add it to your sitemap, along with the entities and web resources the solution provides by editing an app and adding the components in your app designer.

Uninstalling PowerNurture

To uninstall, simply navigate to Settings > Solutions and delete PowerNurture.

Deleting this solution will remove all activities and data collected from PowerNurture from your system, if you wish to keep this information simply “Unsubscribe” and leave the solution in your CRM.

Uninstalling the solution does not unsubscribe the solution.  If you're discontinuing use of the add-on, you must first unsubscribe in the solution.

Thank you for your interest in PowerNurture, should you choose to subscribe you will be charged $0/enabled CRM user/month. If you have any questions or run into any issues with PowerNurture, our friendly support team is here to help!


We’re always here to help. Click one of the links below to see a list of frequently asked questions, view the entire PowerPack knowledgebase or contact a PowerPack Pro.