PowerFind User Guide

Security Roles

Every user who would like to have access to PowerFind will need the PowerFind User security role assigned to them. System Administrators will automatically see PowerFind and be able to use PowerFind, even without having the security role assigned.


Configuring PowerFind

Once you have imported and registered the PowerFind solution for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system you have the option to configure a Reading Pane for each entity that PowerFind searches. The reading pane is an area on the search grid, that will give CRM users the ability to view details of records, without having to actually open the record. Reducing clicks and saving users from having to open multiple windows to access pertinent information.

If you navigate in CRM to Settings > Solutions and double click on PowerFind you will see a tab labeled Setup on the registration screen; this is where you will configure what information you would like shown in the reading pane. We have given you a head start but feel free to make changes to suit your organization’s needs.

To edit the reading pane, select one of the four entities that PowerFind searches; Account, Campaign Response, Contact or Lead. Once an entity is selected a corresponding list of fields will populate, you can then drag and drop fields from the list over to the reading pane section on the left side. To delete a field from the reading pane, click on the “x” next to the name of the field. The “Subject” and “Regarding” fields are the header and sub-header fields that will display at the top of the reading pane for that entity. If you have a longer display field, you can add that to the description field. You can also choose to display notes to the reading pane, by checking the “Attach Notes” check box. Once you have completed your changes make sure to select the Save button at the top of the screen.


Note: You will want to place longer description fields towards the bottom of the reading pane. If you need your entities in a certain order you will have to delete the fields currently under attributes and drag and drop the fields in the desired order.

Using PowerFind

To begin searching, type in a search word in the search bar located at the upper right of the screen. PowerFind will then search through Contacts, Leads, Accounts and Campaign Responses in CRM and display your results in the search grid. PowerFind will automatically search at the beginning of and within fields.

There are a few different options for filtering your search results. You can select a letter of the alphabet at the bottom of the screen, which will filter the results to only show records whose name starts with that letter. The Status dropdown can also be changed to search Active, Inactive or All records in CRM. The Entity filter allows you to select which entities you want to search for. Lastly, you can click on a column heading, and the list will sort by that column. By default, the view is sorted alphabetically by Name.

The activity toolbar, found at the top of the PowerFind screen, allows users to add activities to the selected record with one click. The reading pane, located on the right hand side of the screen will display information from the record that is highlighted in the search grid.


Using PowerFind in new UCI

PowerFind is compatible with the Dynamics 365 online UCI. Make sure you have the UCI compatible version downloaded from our website and installed in your CRM.

Once you have PowerFind installed you can to add it to your sitemap, along with the entities and web resources the solution provides by editing an app and adding the components in your app designer.




Uninstalling PowerFind

To uninstall navigate to Settings > Solutions > select PowerFind from the solutions list and select delete. Deleting the solution will remove all customizations surrounding PowerFind from your CRM.

Uninstalling the solution does not unsubscribe the solution.  If you're discontinuing use of the add-on, you must first unsubscribe in the solution.

Thank you for your interest in PowerFind, should you choose to subscribe you will be charged $1/enabled CRM user/month. If you have any questions or run into any issues with PowerFind, our friendly support team is here to help!



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