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HTML Web Resources in Dynamics 365

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One type of Microsoft Dynamics 365 web resource is the HTML web resource. This permits the inclusion of things as complex as a custom web page or as simple as basic text into the form by utilizing a web resource control. In this blog we will demonstrate how to embed a basic HTML page control into a Dynamics 365 form.

1. Create a simple HTML page and add it as a web resource to Dynamics 365. Be sure to select HTML Page as the type and upload the HTML page using the Browse button. Save and publish the web resource. Next we'll add it to the Account form.

html web resource

html web resource

2. Next, navigate to the Contact form and add a new web resource from the Insert tab.

html web resource

html web resource

3. Refresh your Account form and the HTML page will appear on the page.

The use of HTML pages on Dynamics 365 forms gives developers a great deal of flexibility when extending CRM.  Because the content in the web resource is an actual HTML page, most of the functionality of HTML can be utilized to give the user access to outside web sites or interact with CRM records via JavaScript embedded within the HTML page.

Should you wish to display something more complex in on the form such as a portal, an IFRAME may be more appropriate. When creating an IFRAME control on the form you can define a specific URL on control creation that will load the defined page when the form loads. This will allow for development of complex business logic within the web resource that a standard HTML web resource may not be equipped to handle.

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