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Accelerating CRM Deployments to Reduce Downtime

Post Author: Joe D365 |

Businesses in the Financial Services Industry (FSI) can’t afford downtime. After all, time is money. So, once an organization makes the decision to digitally transform their business, the primary challenge they face is the sheer amount of time it takes to get the new system up and running. For larger FSI organizations, CRM implementation can be a multi-year project, and that just doesn’t work in this industry.

With that in mind, PowerObjects recently introduced three new Dynamics 365 accelerators designed specifically for FSI businesses. Each accelerator is a custom solution – designed by industry experts based on years of FSI experience – that accelerates CRM implementations by leveraging the Microsoft technology stack: Dynamics 365, Azure, Power Platform, LinkedIn, AI & Machine Learning and the Common Data Service. In today’s blogpost, we’ll provide a little detail about these new tools. Enjoy!

As the Capital Markets industry continues to shift, we are seeing new compliance and regulations, as well as new products that are significantly more complex. With lower margins and tighter cost controls significantly impacting the channel, organizations must be more focused than ever before on delivering a better customer experience. PowerCapital enables Capital Markets firms to optimize their users’ productivity, by providing a consistent and relevant user experience, understanding AUM roll-ups and wallet share of customers across multiple products and services, a single view of all customer interactions and suggested Next Best Actions, Activities and overall relationship health. Based on nine fully developed Capital Markets user personas to suit various types of firms, the model drives the navigation, forms, and views needed for each user interface across an organization.

Every industry is competitive, but the Insurance market takes competition to a new level. The fierce competition breeds razor-thin margins, meaning that consumers will pay about the same regardless of carrier. With so many options available, customers are defecting faster than ever before based on one poor experience or any sense of dissatisfaction. And the insurance industry, in particular, depends on strong client retention to ensure policy-level profitability. PowerInsurance features preconfigured insurance-specific business processes; a holistic claims management system; self-service portals for clients and agents; capability to integrate with underwriting systems; and omnichannel capability for each policyholder's preferred communication source, including a best-in-class Mobile Sales Tool Belt.

Digital disruptions are forcing retail and commercial banks to rethink operating models and strategy. Today, Banking customers demand real-time interaction and transparency. Excellent client service has become the baseline. Being able to deliver is no longer a positive differentiator in the traditional sense. Instead, not delivering consistently is now a negative differentiator that drives clients to another bank. PowerBanking features preconfigured banking-specific products and services; customer onboarding protocols for retail, business, and institutional clients; authentication processes; STP transaction enablement; and holistic case management.

In all three instances, the accelerators are designed to lower time-to-value, reduce operating expense and risk, and accelerate deployment. In our upcoming webinar, we will showcase how these accelerators can unlock many business benefits, including:

  • Providing actionable insights, next best actions, offers, notifications, and alerts.
  • Improving productivity across multiple business lines (Sales, Marketing, Service).
  • Providing a unified 360-degree view of the customer to enable the delivery of differentiated customer interactions.
  • Reducing time to value and accelerating the innovation of applications that help employees and customers become more effective and efficient.
  • Enabling organizations to provide omnichannel services to a wide range of inquiries and anticipate customer needs in a proactive manner.

To learn more, join us for an exciting webinar on November 12: Transforming the Customer Experience in Financial Services.

By Joe D365
Joe D365 is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 superhero who runs on pure Dynamics adrenaline. As the face of PowerObjects, Joe D365’s mission is to reveal innovative ways to use Dynamics 365 and bring the application to more businesses and organizations around the world.

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