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Error Installing UR 8 and 9

Post Author: Joe D365 |

We have recently run into an interesting bug while trying to install update rollup 8 and 9.

The actual error file in the ur log file was:

"Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'InvoiceNumber', table"


"column does not allow nulls. UPDATE fails."

In addition Update Rollup 9 seems to be stuck in a loop, generating lines and lines of log files.

After looking at the database and verifying all was ok including all invoice rows of data having an InvoiceNumber we found a potential workaround, but not an ideal one. Our work around was to delete all data from the Invoice and InvoiceDetail tables. Then installing UR 8 or UR 9. After the system was updated, the same synchronize method as before was used to re-add the invoice data.

If a better workaround is found, we'll post it here.

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