USD Training for Dynamics 365

Duration: 3 days


This course provides technical resources a deep dive into USD. The Unified Service Desk allows advanced applications to be created that will manage the agent desktop experience for CRM for Dynamics 365. It adds the ability to organize windows into Sessions to keep multiple customer interactions separated to improve data quality and agent manageability, create completely customized user experiences – including toolbars, agent scripting, overview information, alerts, and menus. This is all done using configuration through CRM for Dynamics 365 which auto-populates complete Dynamics 365 forms with data from other tabs or applications. It also includes a powerful rules engine for routing Dynamics 365 popup windows to specific tabs and controlling behavior of the user experience.


This course is intended for technical architects, developers, and administrators with .NET experience and CRM for Dynamics 365 administrative experience. Not recommended for end users.

Topics Covered
  • Installation and Deployment
  • Administration Best Practices
  • Configuration and Customization
  • CIT Framework and Architecture
  • Debugger and Troubleshooting

Recommended Prerequisites

Prerequisites are recommendations, and while not required, they are highly advised to ensure a successful learning experience:

  • Understanding of data or relational databases is helpful
  • Dynamics 365 University: CRM Boot Camp for Dynamics 365

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