Veridocs uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM and PowerObjects' suite of PowerPack Add-Ons to centralize their customer data, provide mobile access, streamline lead management, and ensure proactive customer service

Veridocs needed a solution that would provide a centralized database, allow mobile access, streamline lead management, automate communications, and ensure proactive customer service and support.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, PowerObjects’ PowerPack add-ons, and PowerSuccess.
Key Benefits
Centralized customer data, proactive customer service and support system, mobile access, streamlined sales tracking and reporting, marketing automation, support ticket management, shareable dashboards, and automated alerts.


Veridocs was looking for a solution to help them manage their data better. The organization had been using Microsoft Outlook as a contact manager and Excel spreadsheets as a primary method to store and track data. The spreadsheets did not allow for simultaneous access or the ability to efficiently combine, synchronize, and share contact management data from all company employees. “As our organization continued to grow, it quickly became apparent that the functionality provided by CRM software was sorely needed,” says Joe Oprosko, COO and President of Veridocs. “Our company’s needs are aligned with many of the functionalities that a typical CRM had to offer.”

After exploring solution options, Veridocs decided that Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the best solution and an ideal fit for their needs and looked for a partner to help them with implementation. After a review of several Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners, Veridocs selected PowerObjects to help implement and support their Dynamics CRM Online solution.


Veridocs needed a solution that would:

  • Centralize all customer data and allow for easy access, updates, sharing, and document storage
  • Create a scalable system that could handle millions of workflows daily
  • Provide a proactive customer service and support system by allowing for both local and remote access to the customers’ database
  • Easily integrate with the Microsoft stack and other industry tools
  • Streamline sales tracking and reporting and help manage the sales pipeline
  • Provide the ability to create contact lists and send email blasts
  • Keep all departments informed of current projects with dashboards and automated alerts

To help Veridocs with their unique requirements, PowerObjects implemented a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution. Veridocs also utilized PowerObjects’ suite of PowerPack add-ons to extend the functionality of their CRM system. As an added benefit, Veridocs subscribed to PowerObjects’ service-as-a-subscription program, PowerSuccess, which gives them access to a dedicated CRM administrator and a long-term plan for success.

Key Benefits

Veridocs’ Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution provides their team with the remote/mobile access they need for their multi-site locations based around the United States. “We travel and are often on the road domestically and internationally, so having easy access to CRM is critical,” says Oprosko. “Our CRM now works across all of our mobile devices, giving us seamless access to our customer database while on the road.” Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online also provides automatic software updates, eliminating the need for Veridocs employees to keep track of and perform time-consuming updates.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Veridocs is able to centralize all of their customers’ data. “Before Dynamics CRM, people kept customer contact information on their phones or in their own spreadsheets, and that data wasn’t available to the whole organization. When people left the organization, they would take those relationships with them,” says Oprosko. “With CRM in place, we have all of our contacts synchronized at all times, so we have an accurate centralized record for all our customers along with a detailed historical record of all our employees’ interactions with them.”

Veridocs uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to automate their processes across departments for everything from lead generation, proposal creation, customer check-ins, and the tracking of orders, invoices and customer support tickets. “We use CRM to make sure that our different teams are informed. We can track our sales processes and have emails sent to the appropriate people at key milestones during the process. For example, our accounting team is able to mark invoices in CRM, and then the business development team is notified when an invoice goes out. CRM automates these processes so they don’t get held up,” says Oprosko. “We also have automated reminders with an alert function for customers that we haven’t checked in with for a while. This lets us stay in touch with our customers on a routine basis.”

Dynamics CRM has helped Veridocs build and reinforce business processes across the organization. “We have field technicians that regularly visit customers in Las Vegas and are now in the process of being trained on how sharing information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can better serve our customers. With our CRM solution in place, our field support personnel are held accountable for reporting back to our business development team and keeping information updated, making Microsoft Dynamics CRM an incredibly valuable internal communication tool,” adds Oprosko.

Veridocs uses CRM dashboards to easily view and keep track of customer information, as well as upcoming activities, visits, and issues. The Veridocs business development team now has a better understanding of their employees’ activities and requirements and can easily plan resource allotment when needed. “My dashboard in CRM allows me to see everything I need quickly, and in a summary format. Having dashboards in CRM means that I don’t get blindsided by questions at meetings and I am better prepared because I have access to the right information real-time. I can pull up real dates and get the details for all our customer interactions,” Oprosko says.

Veridocs provides 24/7 support to their customers and they use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help manage their support tickets. Their team can easily track support tickets to ensure that they are answered quickly and correctly. The Veridocs business development team can also view all support tickets and their status, allowing for real time answers during customer meetings.

“The biggest difference we have seen after implementing CRM is in our relationships with our clients,” says Oprosko. “With Microsoft Dynamics CRM we are now better prepared to meet our clients’ needs and we know what their questions and problems are. With the ability to check on our clients at all times, we have become more than simply a software vendor to our clients. CRM has allowed our company become a valuable partner to our customers.”

Veridocs uses Dynamics CRM and PowerObjects’ PowerPack add-ons, PowerMailChimp and PowerSurvey, for their customer and prospect communications. The organization is able to send out email blasts to keep customers and prospects informed on new product line announcements.

From a financial standpoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped Veridocs’ finance team manage their orders and invoice processes. Quotes are converted and sent to QuickBooks so their accounting team can take all that information and turn it into an invoice in QuickBooks. A copy of the invoice is sent to SharePoint and when the invoice goes out, it is marked in CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has also helped Veridocs with forecasting and budgeting. “Much of our budget and forecast hinges upon whether we hit certain revenue thresholds. With our information in Dynamics CRM we know what areas we can invest in—which helps us with resource allotment on the backside. Our business side doesn’t always have the best view of the technology side of the company but if we know what we have coming down the pipe, we know where to invest our resources. Overall, Dynamics CRM helps us plan better from a business strategy perspective,” Oprosko says.

With PowerObjects as a partner, Veridocs has access to CRM support and training. As a subscriber to the PowerObjects PowerSuccess program, the organization has a dedicated PowerSuccess engineer to assist with their customizations and to get answers to CRM questions. “PowerObjects knows the capabilities of Dynamics CRM much better than we do and they were able to customize CRM to fit our business needs. They did a great job seeing where CRM could help us improve our processes and helped us make our CRM processes more efficient,” says Oprosko. “Having a partner who understands the technology and can advise us has been great. We really appreciate our PowerSuccess engineers’ ability to discuss and understand what we need to do, while keeping our expectations and the process under control.”

From sales, service, marketing, and finance, Veridocs is able to manage, streamline, and automate their business processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Their solution has helped empower the team to provide proactive service to their customers by providing them with quick and accurate customer information across departments and while they are in the field. With PowerObjects as a partner, Veridocs has the help they need with customizations and support to ensure their solution is tailored to their business needs.

“At Veridocs, we are a technology vendor like PowerObjects, giving us an inside track towards a unique and extremely productive partnership with them, and we can be tough on our technology vendors. We have been very pleased with the support and customer service provided by PowerObjects, and we highly recommend PowerObjects to anyone looking at implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can trust PowerObjects’ best practices and trust them to act as an advisor on how to run your business processes through CRM,” says Oprosko

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM we are now better prepared to meet our clients’ needs and we know what their questions and problems are. With the ability to check on our clients at all times, we have become more than simply a software vendor to our clients. CRM has allowed our company become a valuable partner to our customers.”

Joe Oprosko COO and President