Sovereign Housing Association, Part III

Sovereign are a leading housing association in the UK that serves nearly 150,000 tenants. With PowerObjects’ help, they are executing a multi-stage and multi-year Dynamics 365-based digital transformation. This video is the third installment of a four-part series exploring different aspects of the project and their partnership with PowerObjects.

Sovereign’s objective was to implement Dynamics 365 in the contact centre, across the customer service department and in tenancy management all in a relatively short period of time. This required careful coordination across departments, as well as a project methodology that could support it.
PowerObjects’ Proven Process Framework provided a step-by-step guide to implementing Dynamic 365. It helped Sovereign communicate clearly the outcomes they wanted, and in tandem with a hybrid Agile approach, they were able to articulate expectations for each stage of the project.
Key Benefits
+ The Discovery process helped Sovereign proactively uncover unexpected pain points and create mitigating solutions.
+ Agile Sprints enabled product development and eliminated the Waterfall methodology issue of not seeing results for months.
+ The use of Dev Ops meant they could see not only the stories being created, but how they're currently being developed, as well.

The Proven Process Framework that Power Objects use has been really helpful for us. It's given us a real framework and a step by step guide to implementing Dynamic 365 in Sovereign. It's helped us to ensure that through the Discovery Phase, we're able to communicate clearly the outcomes we wanted and our vision and understand what we needed and expected at each stage.

Matt Hensby Customer Services Director, Sovereign