Larato improves marketing effectiveness with PowerMailChimp’s integrated email marketing capabilities.

Larato needed to better manage their expanding sales and marketing efforts.
Chose PowerMailChimp which integrated the robust email template functionality of MailChimp.
Key Benefits
Replace their previous email marketing solution with something flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.


As the company continued to grow and expand, so did their need to better manage their expanding sales and marketing efforts. Although the company was using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with a third-party email marketing platform, they really lacked the direct CRM integration between the two solutions that they needed.

Larato needed a new cloud-based email marketing solution directly integrated into CRM that would provide:

  • Built-in email marketing capability in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that makes creating, sending and tracking quick and easy
  • Ability to create and send bulk emails right from CRM using existing Dynamics CRM accounts, contacts and leads
  • Rich HTML email templates that support multiple devices
  • Direct data tracking in CRM so that the campaign results are visible and actionable
  • The ability to trigger follow-up activities in CRM from email interactions
  • An affordable, easy-to-use cloud-based solution that saves time and money


After evaluating several email marketing solutions, the team chose PowerMailChimp from PowerObjects. PowerMailChimp integrates the robust email template functionality of MailChimp with the customer relationship management power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “The PowerMailChimp tool provided the built-in email marketing functionality we needed and knowing that the Dynamics CRM integration to MailChimp was developed by the CRM experts at PowerObjects, we knew it was the right solution for us,” Green said. “And being able to download the solution and try it for free right in our CRM for 30-days also was a big bonus.”

PowerMailChimp is just one of many add-on PowerPack tools that PowerObjects developed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The PowerPack tools are designed to help enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, while providing even greater functionality and efficiency. Developed based on the needs and feedback from PowerObjects customers, the PowerPack tools are not just simple customizations for sales force and marketing automation, but offer true features to help customers get the most out of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM investment.

Key Benefits

The number one goal the growing company had was to replace their previous email marketing solution with one that offered the Dynamics CRM integration as well as one that was flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. With PowerObjects help, Larato now has streamlined and improved its marketing efforts. “Not only can we create unique HTML email templates but we can segment our CRM data with targeted marketing lists and send email marketing campaigns very easily with PowerMailChimp. Our overall campaign execution time has been reduced, enabling us to do more marketing in less time and better track the results,” she added.

With the seamless integration to CRM, the team at Larato can track all of the email results at a very detailed level by contacts, leads, and accounts including click-throughs, opens, unsubscribes and bounces, and tailor its email campaigns based on these results. “The tool has allowed us to customize our email messages based on past responses and deliver relevant content to segmented customer groups,” she added.

One of the great aspects of PowerMailChimp is the ability to try the tool and test it for 30 days before committing to a monthly subscription. After downloading the tool, Larato encountered a technical communication error with their CRM cloud provider and PowerObjects stepped in to help. Working together with the provider, the teams were able to resolve the issue quickly and get them up and running. “Even during the trial period, PowerObjects was very responsive to our needs and worked to get the issue resolved. We couldn’t have done it without them and their professionalism and technical knowledge really assured us that this was the right solution for us,” said Green.

Overall, Larato is very impressed with the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and PowerMailChimp. “Working with the tool has been great and we’ve already noticed a positive change to our marketing and look forward to tapping into all of the robust functionality as our business continues to grow,” she added.

Without the direct integration with CRM, our commercial teams were grappling with wieldy campaigns and struggled to track vital data needed to market efficiently.

Lucy Green Managing Director at Larato