How to Open a Dynamics CRM XML File on a Windows 8 or 8.1 Device

Suppose you have a fancy new Windows 8 or 8.1 (“Blue”) laptop. You are digging the slick user interface of Dynamics CRM 2013 but need to export some data to Excel for some offline calculations.

But, snag! Excel isn’t one of the choices you can pick to export the data for some reason. You might pick Word since you don’t recognize the other ones. But then you’ll get some weird-looking code stuff; not pretty! So you try again.

Dang, it’s stuck opening in Word and now you can’t do what you need to do!

Here’s how to fix it so that it opens in Excel instead:

  1. Either search for File Extension on your computer or go to Control Panel>Default Programs>Set Association 

    How to Open a Dynamics CRM XML File on a Windows 8  or 8.1 Device

2. Scroll down until you get to the .xml file extension.
3. Select it.
4. Click the Change program button.

How to open a Dynamics CRM XML file on a Windows 8 or 8.1 Device

5. In the window that opens, scroll down until you see Excel or, if it’s not in the list, click More options.

How to open a Dynamics CRM XML file on a Windows 8 or 8.1 Device

6. If Excel still is not in the list, scroll down again and click Look for another app on this PC.

How to open a Dynamics CRM XML file on a Windows 8 or 8.1 Device

7. An Open with dialog box will open; double click on Microsoft Office, Office15 (or whatever version of Office you happen to have), then EXCEL.EXE.

How to open a Dynamics CRM XML file on a Windows 8 or 8.1 Device

Congratulations! Now you can export from (or import data to) CRM in Excel from your Window 8 or 8.1 device. We invite you to explore our other educational materials or check out our multitude of other blogs posts!

Happy CRM'ing!


Office 2013 & Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the Surface Pro

As you may or may not know, the Microsoft Surface Pro is Microsoft's professional version of their new tablet. It comes complete with an i5 Intel processor, 2 GB's of RAM, a full HD (1080) screen AND… Microsoft Windows 8 Pro! (Not RT!)

Not only is the Surface Pro one of the most productive tablets on the market today, but it is also one of the only tablets capable of running the 2011 CRM Outlook client. The web client also works with the full version of Internet Explorer.

There are, however, a few items that you will need to know prior to installing and configuring the CRM for the Outlook client.

  1. The Surface Pro (Most Windows 8 Machines) does not have Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 enabled by default. This feature is automatically enabled with the CRM "Client" Update Rollup 11 and after. You can check to insure this feature has been turned on by accessing "Programs and Features," choosing "View installed updates" then scrolling to the bottom to make sure the box is checked next to "Windows Identity Foundation 3.5."

    Setting up Dynamics CRM on the Surface Pro

  2. Make sure your Surface Pro is completely up to date with all Windows Updates / Surface Updates by connecting to Windows Update. (Surface firmware is also updated through Windows Updates)
  3. When you run the configuration wizard—either manually from the program list or by launching Outlook for the first time after installing the CRM Client—you may see the following error after trying to connect to a CRM Organization: "Cannot connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM server because we cannot authenticate your credentials. Check your connection or contact your administrator for more help."

    Error - Dynamics CRM on the Surface Pro

    This error can occur in hosted or on-premise installations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 using IFD/ADFS, but fear not, the resolution is quite simple.

Resolution: When you access CRM 2011 via the web, the authentication method uses the as your username. When you connect to a CRM organization through the CRM for Outlook configuration wizard, change the format to DomainUser_Domain when you are prompted for your credentials. (Note: Use only 20 characters or less for the user_domain)

So, for example, if my email address were, I would enter my user name as powerobjectsjoseph.smith_powerob

That's it!

And by the way...if you have a Surface Pro, you should check out our free Dynamics CRM companion app for Windows 8 tablets, Power8CRM.

Happy CRM'ing!

Power8CRM–Combining the Wonderful World of Windows 8 and Mobile CRM

If you haven't had the chance to experience the wonderful world of Windows 8 yet, you're missing out. As a company 100% focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, PowerObjects has been exploring the potential of Windows 8 by developing our own app that serves up Dynamics CRM on a Windows 8 platform.

The app, lovingly called Power8CRM, entices users in, starting with a classic Windows 8 live tile that tells CRM users that there is some sort of action going on in their CRM. Maybe they've got new leads assigned to them, or they've got new information in their activity feed from records they're following.

Windows 8 and Mobile CRM - Live Tile

Having this sort of information front and center on your Windows 8 start screen naturally makes you want to open the app and see what's new! Once you do open the Power8CRM app, you'll be instantly presented with a plethora of visually appealing information right at your fingertips.

Windows 8 and Mobile CRM - Sales Hub

When you first open the Windows 8 app, you will be brought to the Sales Hub, which will show you a summary of your sales pipeline, your tasks and your activity feed. You can delve into each opportunity or task simply by touching it, and watching the record open up on your screen.

Windows 8 and Mobile CRM - Opportunity

This awesome app will let you work an opportunity all the way from entering a lead to closing an opportunity, all while you're on the road. With Windows 8 and the Power8CRM app, you no longer need to be chained to your desk to use CRM – the world is now yours to wander as you choose, taking Microsoft Dynamics CRM with you as you go! Ah, the power of Windows 8 and mobile CRM.

If you'd like to try the Power8CRM app, just download it from the AppStore on your Windows8 powered device (tablet or PC). It's free! To learn more about what the Power8CRM app can do, or how to use it, visit the Power8CRM web page.

Happy CRM'ing!

Join Us Jan. 23 for a Webinar on Windows 8 and the Power8CRM App

Power8CRM Webinar

With all of the hype going on about Windows8, mobile platforms (such as tablets), and the new Windows8 apps, you may be wondering just how this all relates to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Well, wonder no more! Join us on Wednesday, January 23rd at 2:00 p.m. CST for an in-depth discussion about the Power8CRM app, developed by PowerObjects. Our Power8CRM mastermind and CEO of PowerObjects, Dean Jones, will walk you through the app's functionality, and get you thinking about how you can use this app with your own Dynamics CRM and business processes. The Power8CRM app is handy, free, and lets you take CRM with you anywhere you'd like.

Webinar: The Power of Windows8 with Microsoft Dynamics CRM - The Sky is the Limit!

Date:    Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Time:    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CST

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If you're interested in learning a little more about the Power8CRM app before attending the webinar, please visit the Power8CRM web page, or download the app from the Windows8 app store, and give it a try for yourself! If you have questions about registering, or about the Power8CRM app in general, please contact Cecilie Svensgaard.

Power8CRM Release 3 – New Features!

If you use Dynamics CRM and you have a Windows 8 mobile device, there's no excuse not to get Power8CRM—our Windows 8 App for Dynamics CRM. We just pushed Power8CRM Release 3 to the Marketplace, with great updates that improve functionality and make it even more useful to users.

Some of the new features include:

Power8CRM is free to download from the Microsoft Marketplace, so get it for your Windows 8 device now!