Utilizing Google Chrome to Work Efficiently with Multiple D365 Orgs and User Accounts

As an Administrator, Developer, or QA Tester for a Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement instance, you may frequently need to switch between multiple accounts that you support. Similarly, when you perform unit testing or QA tasks, you likely must switch between multiple testing user accounts to validate functionality for different security roles. If you have been doing these tasks for some time, you know that by using a browser in private or incognito mode, you can open multiple sessions – but you still need to manually enter URLs, users name, and passwords.

There is a better approach to this, one that will save you valuable time, freeing you up for tasks that you enjoy more – like solution design, coding, or testing. Google Chrome gives you the capability to manage multiple people accounts / personas, and each account behaves like a separate browser with its own cache, giving you the chance to store different Favorites sets, Users, and passwords on each page. See below screenshots of two personas with different Favorites menu bar

To set up different Google Chrome accounts, follow the simple step-by-step instructions below:

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Click on the People icon (if you are logged in to Chrome, the icon will display your user name or initial).

3. Click Manage people.

4. Click Add Person.

5. Enter a Username, select an avatar (optional), and create a desktop shortcut (optional).

6. Your Account / Persona will open in a new browser window.

7. You can now start browsing and create a new separate Favorites list for this Account / Persona. A new browser cache will be initiated, and browsing history, username, and password will be stored separately in this account.

8. You can even synchronize the cache of this Account / Persona to multiple devices.

Hopefully this little trick will save you lots of time going forward.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

How to "Delete" a User in CRM 2011

For most businesses and organizations, there will be a need to remove user accounts from the system. When deactivating User accounts there are some important considerations and best practices to follow. For instance, in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, you can't delete a user directly.

Why you can’t delete Users in Dynamics CRM 2011…

The only way in Dynamics CRM to delete a User account is by direct SQL modifications. Many different tables reference a User account, so it is very easy to break the database in doing so. It is highly NOT recommended to use this approach, and isn’t supported by Microsoft.

Best Practices


The first step is reassign the User’s records that will be deactivated. To do this, open the User account by clicking on Settings → Administration → Users.

Find the User’s account to be disabled and double click on it. Once the account has displayed, click Reassign Records in the ribbon at the top of screen. You will have an option to assign records to your own account, or assign to a User or Team.

Reassign records for the CRM 2011 user you want to delete/disable.

Once the User’s records have been reassigned, make sure that no Processes are assigned to the User. You can check custom processes by clicking Settings → Processes, and ensuring that the disabled User does own any of these processes.

On the User’s account display, you should also check Workflows/Dialogs by clicking in the left side Navigation pane.

Make sure no workflows or processes are associated with the CRM user you want to delete

Last, you can disable the User by navigating to the User’s account display, and click Disable → OK.  The window will refresh and user will now be disabled correctly.  Any licenses associated with the user will become automatically available when enabling/new Users.

Since User management is typically handled within an organization, it very important to train Microsoft Dynamics CRM system administrators within the business or organization on these best practices.

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How to Add a User for CRM 2011 Online Using the Microsoft Online Services Administration Portal

If you have implemented CRM Online since it and Office 365 have joined forces, you will use the Microsoft Online Services Administration Portal to manage Dynamics CRM users. This blog covers how to add a user for CRM 2011 Online. (You can also learn more about this topic on our CRM How-To Portal.)

1. Open CRM Online | Settings | Administration | Users

2. Click on the New button in the Ribbon

3. On the Add and License Users dialog click on Add and License Users button

add a user to crm 2011 by clicking Add and License Users button

4. This launches the Microsoft Online Portal (you may have to login using the same credentials as CRM

5. Click on Users in the left navigation panel

6. Click on New

7. Choose User (there is an option for Bulk Add for which you need a CSV file with user data)

Add a new user by clicking on Users under Management

8. On the Details page, enter the user's login information. Click on the blue arrow next to Additional Details to enter more information. The information you enter here will be entered into the user record in CRM.

login info is required when creating a user in CRM 2011

9. Click on Next

10. On the Assign Role page, you can choose whether or not to add the user to a security role:

a. No. You must manually add a security role via the User record once the user is created.

b. Yes. This adds the user to an administrator security role. Other roles must be added manually via the User record in CRM.

11. Select the country where the user is located

Determine security roles when you add a user in CRM 2011

12. Click on Next

13. On the Assign Licenses page and make sure Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is selected

14. Click on Next

15. Send email: you can enter an email address that will alert the new user with their credentials. You can also send the user their credentials using the information on the next page. The user can set up their new password using the information provided on this email. See below.

Alert a new user they've been added to CRM 2011

16. Click on Create

17. You can use the information on this page in an email you manually create and send

18. Click on Finish

19. The new user record will be in CRM

So that's how to add a user for CRM 2011 Online! (You may also be interested in yesterday's post about how to 'delete' a user from CRM 2011.)

Happy CRM'ing!