Smart Manufacturing: Transforming the Workforce

Smart manufacturing is the implementation of digitization to streamline processes, create efficiencies, and work smarter, not harder. Similar to Lean Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing is taking efficiency to the next level to help organizations achieve success.

This is the third in a three-part series on Smart Manufacturing. In Part 1, we described the role smart manufacturing plays in delivering new services. In Part 2, we reviewed how smart manufacturing is optimizing digital operations. Today, we’ll discuss how smart manufacturing is transforming the workforce!

First, let’s consider what your customers want from your company – and by extension from your supply chain:

1. Accurate and timely information about supply.  Affirmative responses in terms of when product will be available to ship is critical to winning that business. Anything less may cause your Customer to reconsider their buying decision and look to other sources of supply. These inquiries come in the form of:

Second, how is your company providing these answers – the access to information – and where is that information generated:

2. Your manufacturing and inventory resources need to provide this response to Customer Service Representatives, and by extension to Customers, in a real-time manner. Asking a CSR to drill into your ERP system to ‘divine’ these answers is fraught with peril. This requires a combination of the following:

Finally, how does a company Transform their Workforce to simplify and enable the provision and communication of this kind of information – throughout your company and customer-facing systems and personnel:

3. Mobility is key. Manufacturing and supply chain employees can experience an always-connected view through mobile apps and seamless integration with the back office.

4. Connections everywhere. Connect people with products and processes. Boost manufacturing and supply chain productivity by integrating people with intelligent mixed-reality devices, IoT-enabled machines, and AI-enhanced applications.

5. Integrated self-service portals for everyone from distributors to your employees to provide the same insight.

When technology makes it easier for your workforce to accomplish their job, the results are transformative. Not only are they happier workers, productivity reaches new heights and your customers see the value of working with you.

Read about more transformative changes for the manufacturing industry in our latest white paper: Transformative Changes Taking Discrete Manufacturing Into the Next Decade.

For discrete manufacturers who struggle to meet growing production demands and innovate with advanced technologies, we provide digital transformation that brings together people, data, processes, and things. PowerObjects is a leader in delivering Microsoft Business Applications solutions and Dynamics 365 workloads through unparalleled offerings of service, support, education, and add-ons. We help manufacturers leverage Microsoft technology to meet fast production demands, connect legacy systems, automate paper-based processes, and empower the people they work with.

Five Reasons Why Citizen Portals are a BIG Deal

Maintaining a safe and secure place for your citizens to live is a constantly fluctuating and challenging job. If you’re a part of local and regional government, you understand the scrutiny placed on these entities by the public as well as government officials.

On top of all that, times, they are a changing! Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate and people are using that technology very differently than just a few years ago. Your citizens’ expectations are light years ahead of paper processes and they expect answers in minutes, not hours or days!

This blog will focus on citizen engagement and how, if you prioritize it, you’ll be on track to maintaining safety and security, as well as meeting citizen needs in a timely fashion.

Our PowerObjects team of experts has been busy building citizen portals and apps for a few councils in Australia and the UK. Here are our top five reasons why portals are so critical and how they can meet citizen expectations and deliver better service online:

1. Opening Lines of Communication: When you make it easy for citizens to contact you from any device and from anywhere, you’re establishing a trust needed to build a community.

2. Putting a Name to your Citizens: Self-service portals inform your office of who your citizens actually are and how you can serve them accordingly. This type of insight cannot be made up or guessed upon. That data is unique to your local and regional government entity.

3. Real-time Insight into Issues: Having eyes on the ground and within the community is a great thing, but if they can’t report back to the people who solve things, then what’s the point? Portals make it possible for your citizens to report initial or potential issues before they become bigger, unmanageable problems.

4. Connected Citizens are Happier Citizens: When people feel connected and somewhat responsible for where they live, it ultimately makes for a happier, more secure neighborhood. 

5. Citizen Engagement Data is Good Data: When you can report complete end-to-end interactions with your citizens, you can justify funding and support.

As you can see, citizen portals are a big deal, and can pave the way for so many great things, but you also need a powerful platform that these portals connect to that will make all these things and more possible.

Our Local and Regional Government experts have just the solution and are waiting to hear from you!