Creating a Custom Portal API to Retrieve Data

The portal offers a great way for users to view and search data in Microsoft Dynamics 365, but it currently does not provide a robust API. This presents a challenge when needing to retrieve data asynchronously. To accomplish this, we can create a new page that executes the query and returns the results in JSON format.

Follow these steps:

1. Create a new "Web Template" record. This will execute the search (lines 1-3) and format the result in JSON (lines 4-19).


2. Create a new "Page Template" record. Make sure to uncheck the "Use Website Header and Footer" option.


3. Create a new "Web Page" record.


4. Execute the request!

Your portal pages can now retrieve data asynchronously! This will give a more fluid user experience and can be easily expanded for additional searching and filtering.

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Happy Dynamics 365'ing!