Add Quick Find Columns from Related Entities

A common requirement in Dynamics 365 is to have a view with columns from related entities. Unfortunately, we cannot enable Quick Find Columns for the related entities as the out-of-the-box version of Dynamics 365 only supports columns for the main entity. So, to meet the requirement, we need a workaround – and that, friends, is the topic of today’s blogpost. How to add Quick Find Columns from related entities. Read on…

It’s actually a pretty simple 4-step process:

1. Create a Calculated Field on the entity where you want to add Quick Find columns from the related entity.

2. In the newly created Calculated Field, define an Action to populate the field from the related entity's field.

3. Add the Calculated Field to the Quick Find column.

4. Publish the entity.

And that's it! Now, when a record is created, it simply populates the Calculated Field from the related entity field. Can it really be so quick and easy? The proof is in the pudding, so let’s look at an example:

Our example is on the Order Product entity where a Calculated Field called Order ID is created which populates the Order ID from the Order entity. Later, the same field is added to the Quick Find columns of the Order Product entity.

1. Create a custom Calculated Field Order ID on Order Product entity where this custom field is populated as Order ID (i.e., System field) from Order entity.

2. Add the custom Calculated Field Order ID to the Add Find Columns of Quick Find Sales Order Details view as shown:

3. Publish the Order Product entity.

4. Search Order Product view with the Order ID. Below is the view from Order Product entity which is placed in a dashboard.

Advantages of this solution:

Disadvantages of this solution:

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How to Add a Field to Quick Find in CRM 2015

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the Quick Find allows you to search for a record from a grid view.

Quick Find

By default, Quick Find searches specific fields or columns in the view, but this can be changed. If you need to add a new custom field or you want to add another field to quick find, you can make the change through the customizations area in CRM. In today's blog, we will go over the steps needed to add a field to Quick Find in CRM 2015. Note: these steps require system administrator or system customizer access.

In this example, I want to search for accounts by state.

1. First, start from the grid view of the desired record type. In this example, we will use the Account.

2. Click the ellipses button and select Customize Entity as shown below.

Quick Find

3. Select Views.

Quick Find

4. Select Quick Find Active Accounts.

Quick Find

5. On the far right, select Add Find Columns.

Quick Find

6. Check the relevant field(s) you want added and click OK.

Quick Find

7. Finally Save and Publish the entity. Now, try your search again. You should see that you can now aggregate your search results by the additional fields!

That's all for the blog today! Check out the related links below if you would like to learn more:

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How to Fix a Quick Find Error in CRM 2011 Online

Recently we ran across a unique error when searching via Quick Find and we thought we'd share the resolution. (You can find out more about optimizing this area in our previous blog on optimizing CRM 2011 quick find queries.)

When using the quick find search on any entity, there is a setting in the system settings area of CRM to allow or not allow search results of more than 10,000+ records. In this case, we were searching for cases based on an account number. Because this account had over 10,000 cases associated to it, the search would not retrieve any results and presented a vague error message that did not specify the issue.

quick find error in CRM 2011 Online

The resolution is to change the System Settings to allow for search results of 10,000+ records.

This is how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings/Administration/System Settings

  1. On the General Tab, select NO for Enable Quick Find record limits. Click Ok to save this setting.

A straightforward fix, once the source of the error was understood.

As always, happy CRM'ing!