The Core Principles that Drive Our Global Team [VIDEO]

At PowerObjects, we are focused on delivering amazing Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and providing a valuable partnership with our customers worldwide. In this video, meet our global team and learn about the core principles that drive everything we do!

Get to Know Our Pawsome Team

As the number one partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365, PowerObjects keeps busy meeting the needs and wishes of our customers. However, it takes more than one individual to keep us number one in serving you. That's why one of our core values is "think team." Today, we're going to introduce you to a dif-fur-ent team you're not used to seeing. They keep the office running smoothly, and they're pawsitively the best team around for your Dynamics 365 needs! Before you go mutts trying to think about who we're referencing: we're pawbviously talking about our PowerPups.

So, let's meet the team!

Hazel - Front Desk Coordinator

From fielding phone calls to greeting guests that come in from the barking lot, Hazel is the friendly face of the front desk. Her human technically works in Delivery as a consultant, but Hazel is an independent soul. She prefers to take the world on head-first, and if that means venturing off on her own, she has no qualms with that – especially since the front desk has the treat jar…

Sophie & Luna – Recruiters

Sophie is a veteran recruiter on the PowerObjects team, but as our company has dramatically expanded its global footprint, Luna has stepped up to ease the workload on our talent team. Along with their other coworkers, Sophie and Luna keep the company staffed through plenty of interviews, networking events, and even a refural program where employees can refer their connections.

Princess Buttercup – Delivery-Education Consultant

One of the things that really makes PowerObjects diffurent is our attention to training during an implementation. Princess Buttercup sets our customers up for success by providing expert training for our clients before, during, and after an implementation.

Cooper – Delivery Consultant

Our delivery team is pawsitively amazing. They make up the part of our team our customers see most. When he's not hard at work for a customer project, Cooper can be found sneaking a treat from the front desk jar. Some think it's a bit unfair that he gets treats while his human has to watch in envy, but rest assured, PowerObjects also has a treat jar for humans. Cooper's a softy, so he allows his human lots of treats.

Cookie – Delivery Operations Specialist

Allowing our Delivery team to function optimally, our Delivery Operations team keeps day-to-day tasks in line for the department. Cookie off-furs a friendly face to consultants who need help with their project reporting, but admittedly, a late time card from a consultant can cause her to show a more fur-ocious side.

Randy – Support Technician

Computer broken? On it. Customer org broken? On it. Server troubles? On it. Whatevfur the issue, Randy in support has got your back. He keeps our customer's Dynamics 365 environments up and running through our external support program, and internally, he's revered as the almighty tech Wizard of Paws for his ability to solve all the problems.

Kona – Payroll Specialist

No business would be complete without those pesky timesheet reminders. Delivery Operations helps keep their department in line, but at the end of the day, the buck stops with Human Resource's Payroll Specialist, Kona. (Just look at her disapproving stare.) At the end of the day though, Kona's bark is much worse than her bite. In fact, you should've seen how smiley she was during karaoke at the company holiday party. She rocked out to her favorite song, "Don't Stop Retrieving."

Asami – Marketing Specialist

Asami loves when Eric, our PowerObjects video mastermind, breaks out the camera for a shoot – she acts like it's her very own pup-arazzi. It's no wonder she chose the Marketing life. Asami is behind the magic that is all things branding and messaging for PowerObjects. She works to deliver a brand that you'll love and trust; one that will not only showcase PowerObjects' expertise, but also a brand that allows for a little fun in the seriousness of the business day.

If you're ever in the PowerObjects headquarters, be sure to say hi to all our team. We're located in the Twin Cities Muttropolitan area, and we'd love to say hi!

Does this sound like a team you'd like to join? Learn more about PowerObjects culture here.

As always, Happy D365'ing!