Adding New Users to Allow Access to Power Apps Portals Admin Center

A common issue for new Power Apps Portals deployments is that you may need to have multiple internal employees that need admin level access to the Power Apps Portals admin center. These users would need this level of access to perform common Portal Actions, including:

Typically, only the original user that provisioned the portal will have access to the admin center – unless additional Azure Active Directory (AAD) users are added. In today’s blogpost, we’ll walk through the process of adding users. Enjoy!


First, the user that originally provisioned the portal will need to go to the admin center to get the Azure Application ID specific to this portal. This ID will be unique to each portal instance that is attached to a Dynamics CE/CDS environment.

1. Navigate to the Power Platform admin center at:

2. Click the ellipsis menu. Select Resources > Portals

3. On the list of portals, select the ellipsis menu and click Manage.

4. On the Power Apps Portals admin center page, make a note of the Application ID. You should be able to copy this to your clipboard.

Note: These next steps will need to be performed by an Office 365 global administrator or someone with access to update Azure AD.

  1. Navigate to
  2. From the left navigation, select Azure Active Directory
  3. Next select App Registrations
    1. In the Search box, you can paste in the Application ID captured in Step 4 to find the correct App Registration.
  4. Click the Application name
  5. From the left navigation within the app, select Owners from the list.
  6. Click + Add owners
  7. Search for the additional owners in the Azure AD that you want to add and click Save.


This process will allow you to provide access to the Power Apps Portals admin center to additional Active Directory users. It’s important to point out that this process does NOT grant any access to administer the portal content, it only grants access to the admin center for the Azure web service that hosts the web site.

Happy D365’ing!

Together We Persevere – Responding to COVID-19

In times of crisis, we at PowerObjects band together for our customers – whether it’s designing a better work-from-home configuration, opening up critical lines of communication for urgent news, or implementing the latest technology to battle the COVID-19 pandemic right on the healthcare frontlines, we are here for you.

Remote Working and Uncertain Times

Across industries like Life and Health Sciences, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Utilities, and Local & Regional Government, our goal is to keep our customers up and running throughout the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve built a Crisis Communications Power Apps solution based on the Microsoft template to help your organization share information and collaborate with team members during this time of crisis. There are two applications within the solution that allow admin rights and end user rights to communicate timely and relevant messages to employees, host and share knowledge base articles, and link into any RSS feeds you select. To help with the current situation, the app itself – as well as initial setup and ongoing support – are free of charge.

There are several ways PowerObjects can customize and extend the app’s functionality to meet your organization’s unique needs. For example, we can add customer service capabilities as well as other notifications specific to your business. Learn more here and let us know if you wish to build this app out more for your unique requirements.

App for Planned Easing from the Lockdown

Once local governments and commercial organizations begin to ease COVID-19 restrictions, you want to provide your staff with clear visibility into your operating capability as you re-open your doors. This Power Apps solution helps streamline that transition to reinstating a more normal way of doing business.

Covid 19 Lockdown Easing Application

Preconfigured Automations for Remote and In-field Service

Remote capabilities and insight for your staff and field employees are of utmost importance during this time. With a simple SLA management, pre-configured case management process, optimized chatbot experience, and remote assist capabilities, your customer service teams will streamline operations and increase their collective bandwidth.

Microsoft Health Bot

If you are a healthcare organization, you need to know about the Microsoft Healthcare Bot – the latest Bot technology developed by Microsoft that is HIPAA compliant and can be quickly implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Within the Health Bot framework, Microsoft created COVID-19 Response Templates based on real-time data from the CDC, covering areas that improve case deflection and help you better serve your patients, virtually.

Patients can engage in a chat-like manner with the Bot to learn more about COVID-19 and go through a CDC-approved symptom self-checker. This results in reduced call volumes and increased speed and accuracy of COVID data to patients. We can quickly work with a client to stand up this Health Bot experience using the COVID-19 template or a customized version.

COVID-19 FAQs is a preapproved list of 175 questions from the CDC and can also index other FAQ databases. The QnA Maker functionality is a great example of Cognitive services leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

Check out the bot yourself! And as always, let us know how we can help you implement the Bot at your organization.

Emergency Response Power App

During this pandemic, Microsoft released this Power Apps solution that provides a set of capabilities for healthcare organizations to collect data for situational awareness of available beds and supplies, COVID-19 patients, staffing, and pending discharges. Providers are using this Power Apps template to track and gain visibility of critical but scarce resources like available beds, ventilators, and masks. We can quickly work with our clients to stand up this Emergency Response Power Apps solution and fine tune it for your specific needs – just let us know when you’re ready to implement.

Critical Item Replenishment App

Distribution has become a global issue during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Critical Item Replenishment App ensures your network of locations across the globe maintains real-time insight into inventory and can update needs centrally and quickly. The App is built on CDS, has a streamlined user interface, and takes just days to set up with a business intelligence layer included.

Critical Items Application

We’re Here to Help

With any of these solutions, the team at PowerObjects is here to help make them fit your exact business needs now and throughout this unpredictable time. PowerObjects brings you the most advanced technologies that can be quickly implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to stay committed to driving success for your end-to-end journey with our four pillars of service, support, education, and add-ons.

Above all else, PowerObjects hopes for your continued good health. Please stay safe and know that together we will overcome this – and we will come out the other side stronger and more resilient.

Power Apps Positively Impacting Local and Regional Governments

Local and Regional Government organisations are in a state of constant technological flux. And as their constituencies continue to grow and expand over time, the necessity for transparent, quick and personal constituent interactions grows as well. Indeed, helping constituents feel closer to the Governmental institutions that represent them is absolutely a move in the right direction for Local and Regional Governments. It inspires more confidence among citizens that they are being heard, seen and recognised in their own homes and communities, which is of paramount importance nowadays.

So, having said all that, the question that naturally follows in this day and age of technology is this: what is the most cutting-edge technology solution that can be implemented to enable Governments to stay in tune with their communities?

It depends on who you ask, of course, but PowerObjects is a firm believer that Microsoft’s Power Platform as the answer to this increasingly important question. The Power Platform is a combination of Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. Each of these products has their own focus and application – i.e., whether you’re trying to automate mundane processes (Power Automate), set up a Customer-facing Chat Bot (Power Virtual Agents), present data in a visually appealing and understandable manner (Power BI) or create low/no code applications in a matter of mere minutes (Power Apps), Power Platform has you covered.

And that last element of Power Platform – Power Apps – is the key component of PowerObjects’ answer to the question of how to keep Local and Regional Governments in touch with their constituents. The customisation aspect of Power Apps is unbeatable in terms of the ability to create unique solutions to specific needs. As each institution experiences different issues, the ability to create malleable Apps for Government employees, without requiring any coding knowledge to do so, is a fantastic asset to have at one’s fingertips.

Kicking 2020 off the right way, PowerObjects recently hosted an App-in-a-Day Event in the United Kingdom, during which we sat down with representatives from various Local and Regional Government organisations to hear about the technology and customer service challenges they were currently facing.

We then showcased Power Apps and worked side by side with them to develop – in a matter of minutes – applications designed to overcome and solve those challenges. By the end of the day, each group of representatives from Local Councils had built their own Power Apps solution. As a result, they were able to digitally solve their most unrelenting issues and keep their constituents as priority number one.

For more information on Power Apps, click here. As always, happy Dynamics 365’ing!

D365 in Focus: Power Apps Demo [VIDEO]

Watch our Power Platform Capability Manager build a fully functioning app – all within minutes! This video showcases the creation of an app that empowers traveling agents and salespeople with single-click options to call, text, and get driving directions to their clients and prospects. Although this is just one of countless functionalities that can easily be built out with PowerApps, you’ll see the drag-and-drop actions and Excel-like formulas that differentiate Power Apps from other app builders.