The CRM Minute: The PowerObjects Blog Kicks it Up a Notch [VIDEO]

Our PowerObjects blog is probably one of the BEST Dynamics CRM blogs in the community, and in 2016, we gave it an extreme makeover! Featuring a better user experience, related content, and social sharing platforms, the blog is better than ever! Hear from Jonathan and Maria, the dynamic duo behind the redesign in today's The CRM Minute.

Last year alone, our website and blog received 1,967,986 total PowerObjects website page views! That's almost 2 million page hits, for a total of 1,202,090 sessions and 563,538 unique users. Pretty impressive, we know, but what it comes down to is the person reading this now, you. Without you we couldn't have done it! Thank you for appreciating the content we work so hard to put out. Thanks for coming back and keep on reading!

Happy CRM'ing!