Sovereign is Gearing Up for Success with PowerObjects' Proven Process

Sovereign is a leading housing association in the UK that serves nearly 150,000 tenants. With PowerObjects’ help, they are executing a multi-stage and multi-year Dynamics 365-based digital transformation. This video is the third installment of a four-part series exploring different aspects of the project and their partnership with PowerObjects. In this installment, we look at Sovereign's experience with PowerObjects' Proven Process!

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Technology Challenges Facing Property Managers

PowerObjects has several housing industry customers in the UK, and in the course of working with these clients and really investing in the industry, one of the most interesting things we’ve learned is that the housing channel is largely non-profit. In fact, there are two primary subsets in the industry:

Property managers in the UK are classified by the industry as “registered social landlords,” along with YMCA hostels and housing cooperatives.  And accommodations owned by housing associations are known as “social housing,” a loose term that incorporates government-owned council housing and other affordable accommodations. In England alone, there are 1,500 housing associations providing 2 million homes for 5 million residents overseen by more than 30,000 volunteer committee members.

These organizations face a number of challenges, primarily…

Those challenges sound universally applicable to all industries. However, they are particularly relevant in housing because in the majority of markets, the urgent need for additional housing services results in fast-paced technology growth and increasing complexity of internal processes. Legacy systems are simply ill-equipped to be sustainable amid such growth.

Property managers are managing the rapid growth and overcoming the mounting challenges with a thoughtful approach to technology enhancements. They are focusing on customer/tenant demands, integration of front office functions with middle and back office, and automation of low-cost, high-impact services. And above all, they are moving everything to the cloud.

Time and again, businesses in this industry are turning to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the full suite of Business Applications designed to support and enhance the solution. Throw in a Dynamics 365 accelerator built specifically for property managers, and there’s simply no match in the industry.

Sovereign Selects the Right Technology and The Right Partner [VIDEO]

With 56,000+ homes and 130,000+ customers and tenants, Sovereign is one of the largest housing associations in the U.K. Selecting the right technology platform was fundamental for digital transformation within Sovereign, and selecting the right technology partner to implement their new solution was just as important. Watch this video to learn why Sovereign decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 and partner with PowerObjects to help bring their digital transformation vision to life!

Our Takeaways from the Housing Technology Conference and Executive Forum 2018

The PowerObjects team of Dynamics 365 experts hit the expo floor last week in Oxford for the 2018 Housing Technology Conference and Executive Forum. The event brings senior level IT and business practitioners in one place to experience presentations from housing providers and IT suppliers as well as network with senior housing professionals.

housing technology conference

This was PowerObjects' second year sponsoring the event and it's quickly become one of our favorites to attend because of the insightful conversations we had on the floor about the challenges facing many housing associations in the UK. Here are three key takeaways we had from the event.

1. The Digital Transformation Wave Isn't Coming, It's Already Here

The way customers interact with businesses has changed. The popularity of social media and mobile gives you the opportunity to interact with customers more frequently and more importantly, more effectively, personalizing and contextualizing the messages you deliver to them. However, in order to do so, you need the right systems and processes in place.

While CRM's role in an organization remains significant, today the focus has changed. It's now about generating revenue by better serving and supporting customers on their journey, from acquisition to advocacy. As a result, organizations are exploring new, next generation, omni-channel CRM solutions that support them to innovate and differentiate for customers where it matters most. Basically, you need to provide your customers with an end-to-end solution to manage this digital wave of transformation seamlessly.

2. Organizations Need a Robust Technology Platform

We know, we know. Big surprise that we are advocating a Dynamics 365 platform for housing associations to start their digital transformation, but Dynamics does offer a solution that encompasses all parts of your business. PowerObjects' integrated housing solution harnesses the power of the Microsoft Cloud to drive digital transformation in the sector. It reduces costs through automated business processes and more efficient operational developments. This enables a self-service channel-shift that improves the customer experience, and helps housing associations manage growth on a technology platform that can easily be adapted to on-going changes in the sector. It doesn't get more robust than that!

3. Advocating for Dynamics 365: We're ready to get to work!

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology, our housing solution manages the challenges of customer services for housing associations. It covers things like scheduling repairs and maintenance, providing a Unified Service Desk for contact centres or having more integrated back-office processes, including asset and housing management with front-office functionality for property sales and tenancy management. It does it all, and we are ready to spread the word! Let our team give you a demo, you'll see exactly how powerful Dynamics really is.

housing technology conference

To learn more about our housing solutions, reach out to us and request a free demo of the solution from one of our housing solution specialists.

Happy D365'ing!

The CRM Minute: The Top 3 Reasons Housing Associations Should Be Using Dynamics 365 [VIDEO]

At PowerObjects, we've built an integrated solution that enables housing associations to reduce the total cost of ownership of their core business technology, while at the same time, improve the level of customer service and the operational efficiency within the organization. In today's episode of The CRM Minute, hear from Greg about our integrated housing solution and the top reasons housing associations should be investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Working with a partner like PowerObjects gives you the edge to deliver the cutting edge technology into housing that really drive innovative customer experiences. Want to learn more? Make sure you sign up to join Greg for his webinar on April 25, Dynamics 365 for Housing: Innovation and Service Optimisation, which will feature a LIVE demo of the solution in action.

Thanks for watching, The CRM Minute!

Join Us in Oxford for the Housing Technology Conference and Executive Forum

This year's Housing Technology Conference will be taking place on March 7-9 at the Oxford Belfry and your favorite partner for providing solutions to housing organisations will be there! This event brings together influential members in the industry as well as senior IT and business practitioners for networking opportunities and idea exchange. Attendees get the chance to meet fellow housing professionals with the same interests and goals that they have in their organisations.

PowerObjects' team of Dynamics 365 rock stars will be demonstrating their custom housing solution, built on Microsoft's suite of products, that helps housing organisations harness the power of the Microsoft Cloud to drive change in their business by reducing costs, improving the customer experience, managing growth and ultimately helping housing organisations look to the future with an integrated Microsoft platform for both the back and front office.

Housing Technology 2017 will focus on:

•IT strategies for business transformation, value for money and operational efficiencies

•Core business applications, incl. housing, finance and asset management

•Emerging technologies, incl. the internet of things, big data, social media, GIS and connected homes

•Omni-channel communications with tenants, contractors and suppliers

•Universal credit, rent reductions, and other financial/regulatory areas

•Mobile working and dynamic scheduling

•IT infrastructure, licensing, cloud, SaaS and security

So make sure you register to attend the conference. We would love to see you there!

Happy CRM'ing!

PowerObjects Proudly Presents: A Closer Look at our Integrated Solution for Housing

PowerObjects, an HCL Company is excited to be putting on our first EVER webinar presented in the United Kingdom! In case you hadn't heard the exciting news, PowerObjects has landed in the UK! We are expanding our business to the United Kingdom, working closely with our parent company HCL Technologies to bring Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions to UK-based businesses. This webinar is the perfect kick-off to those efforts.

Join us Tuesday, September 27, for a webinar showcasing our recent presentations at the 2016 Housing Technology and Microsoft In-depth events. Get a closer look at the Integrated Housing Solution built on Microsoft Dynamics technology by PowerObjects, an HCL Company. PowerObjects and HCL Technologies sponsored two major events in the UK—"In-Depth 2016"—jointly hosted by Microsoft and Housing Technology. These events took place in London at the Emirates Stadium on July 6, and in Manchester at Old Trafford on July 21, and covered the latest technology trends in the social housing sector.

Presenting jointly with Microsoft, the PowerObjects UK team will take a look at what the roadmap of technology within the Public Sector looks like as well as focus on PowerObjects' services and experience with business transformation within the housing market specifically. REGISTER TODAY!

If you can't make the webinar, don't worry! A recording of this webinar will be published on our website for anyone who can't attend. Register for the webinar and we'll send you a follow-up email with a link to the recorded presentation. That way you can watch it when it's convenient for you!

Happy CRM'ing!