Sovereign is Gearing Up for Success with PowerObjects' Proven Process

Sovereign is a leading housing association in the UK that serves nearly 150,000 tenants. With PowerObjects’ help, they are executing a multi-stage and multi-year Dynamics 365-based digital transformation. This video is the third installment of a four-part series exploring different aspects of the project and their partnership with PowerObjects. In this installment, we look at Sovereign's experience with PowerObjects' Proven Process!

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Sovereign Selects the Right Technology and The Right Partner [VIDEO]

With 56,000+ homes and 130,000+ customers and tenants, Sovereign is one of the largest housing associations in the U.K. Selecting the right technology platform was fundamental for digital transformation within Sovereign, and selecting the right technology partner to implement their new solution was just as important. Watch this video to learn why Sovereign decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 and partner with PowerObjects to help bring their digital transformation vision to life!

Sovereign Aims to Innovate with Dynamics 365 and PowerObjects [VIDEO]

With 56,000+ homes and 130,000+ customers and tenants, Sovereign is one of the largest housing associations in the U.K. Sovereign needed a technology solution that would enhance the customer service being provided in the contact center, improve the tenancy management capabilities of the housing offices and create efficiencies across all customer interactions. To accomplish this Sovereign partnered with PowerObjects to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365. Watch their success story video to learn more!

10 Reasons Housing Associations Should Attend Our Microsoft Cloud Workshop in London

Attention Housing Associations! Are you looking to reduce operational costs and improve overall customer satisfaction? By having an integrated front-back office solution that utilizes the power of the Microsoft Cloud, you can!

Join PowerObjects for a day-long immersive workshop, Delivering Optimized Service and Modern Customer Engagement in Housing. Organizations will learn how to become more commercially focused and use traditional CRM functionalities to enable more targeted sales and marketing initiatives, while also using the same single platform to optimize services that address channel-shift/self-service, accessibility for field service engineers and use of intelligent assisted service applications. Need another reason to attend? Here’s ten:

  1. Better Decisions: A platform like Dynamics 365 provides a single source of data across front, middle and back-office for more accurate reporting that can lead to better informed and quicker decisions.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: Improvements to customer experience and satisfaction levels due to enriched data that is supported across multiple channels should be a desired outcome. Learn how!
  3. Increase Productivity: Automated business processes can improve staff productivity levels such as field service scheduling or case management.
  4. Lower Costs: An integrated platform that can be easily maintained can lower the cost of IT ownership via Microsoft Cloud services.
  5. Agility: Ensuring you have the flexibility to adapt to new processes and external changes to the sector will be crucial for success.
  6. Go Mobile: Make your workforce more digitally responsive by making them mobile.
  7. Bring Things Together: Removing barriers between different departments within an organization will lead to a more cohesive workforce.
  8. Management: Predictive and personalized approaches to tenancy and asset management will show great returns.
  9. Demos and More: See a live demo of PowerObjects integrated solution for housing, built with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  10. It’s FREE! This workshop is free to attend so don’t miss out!

So don’t miss out! Join us at the Microsoft Offices in Paddington on October 16fth for this can’t-miss event. You can learn more about the days agenda and register here.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!