How to Change an Account or Contact Record Image

If you've ever wondered how to customize images for individual records such as an account or contact, then today's blog is for you! Adding an image to an account or contact record makes that record easily identifiable at a glance. For example, inserting a company's logo into their account record is a great way to associate the company and the brand. In today's blog, we will go through the steps needed to accomplish this personalization. Let's begin!

The default image for an out-of-the-box entity record looks like this:
record image

To make the image change, open a record and then click on the default image. A window will pop up prompting you to upload a custom image for that specific record as shown in the image below:

The result will look something like this:

Looking for tips on changing the entity icon displayed in the solution? We have a blog entry for that as well!

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Happy CRM'ing!